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TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways

Tech executives don't get an easy ride before Congress, but Shou Zi Chew's hearing was exceptionally bruising.

Do Kwon: Fugitive 'cryptocrash' boss arrested in Montenegro

Terraform Labs' Do Kwon has also been charged with fraud by US prosecutors.

Utah is first US state to limit teen social media access

One of the bills will give parents full access to their children's online private messages.

ChatGPT bug leaked users' conversation histories

Social media users had shared images of chat histories with AI conversations they said were not theirs.

Could the US government actually block people from accessing TikTok altogether?

The US government is threatening to ban TikTok - how would that work?

Bill Gates: AI is most important tech advance in decades

The former Microsoft boss says AI is the second revolutionary technology he's seen in his lifetime.

Bard: Google's rival to ChatGPT launches for over-18s

The tech giant is rolling out its new AI chatbot, called Bard, to users in the US and UK first.

Sidemen manager: 'I cut out alcohol to succeed'

Jordan Schwarzenberger talks about his attitude to alcohol in the workplace for our CEO Secrets series.

Hungary official takes on German MEP in AI 'rap battle'

It's fair to say neither man's effort is likely to dominate the streaming charts.

Shou Zi Chew: Who is the TikTok CEO?

The 40-year-old is facing questioning from US lawmakers amid growing suspicion of the Chinese app.

Zhao Weiguo: Chinese regulator accuses chip tycoon of corruption

Zhao Weiguo formerly headed Tsinghua Unigroup, which was one of China's leading chipmakers.

How Elon Musk's tweets unleashed a wave of hate

The Twitter owner's response to a BBC investigation highlights how abuse is thriving on the platform.

Amazon to cut another 9,000 jobs

The online retail giant said the positions would be closed "in the next few weeks".

Just Eat: Takeaway firm to cut 1,900 jobs in UK

The delivery giant is restructuring its business after a slowdown in takeaway sales.

BBC advises staff to delete TikTok from work phones

The corporation is taking the decision over privacy and security concerns about the popular app.

Thousands may have lost out to crypto trading app

Experts who investigated iEarn Bot say it could be part of one of the biggest-ever crypto scandals.

YouTube reinstates Donald Trump's channel

It is the latest social media channel to restore his account following Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

ChatGPT-style tech brought to Microsoft 365

The tech giant reveals how AI will be embedded into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams.

TikTok: UK ministers banned from using Chinese-owned app on government phones

Ministers fear sensitive data is at risk - but TikTok denies handing information to Chinese government.

TikTok says US threatens ban if China stake not sold

TikTok, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance, says it has been contacted about a change in ownership.

Virgin Orbit to pause all operations from Thursday

The decision comes after the failure of the first ever satellite mission launched from the UK.

Chancellor announces £1m Manchester Prize for AI

The Budget also promises funding for a supercomputer and a £2.5bn quantum-computing research programme.

OpenAI announces ChatGPT successor GPT-4

The fourth version of the AI chatbot can process both images and text.

Meta lay-offs: Facebook owner to cut 10,000 staff

In addition to the culling of 10,000 jobs, 5,000 vacancies at the company will be left unfilled.

Samsung to invest in South Korea mega chip-making plan

The electronics giant will build five more semiconductor factories in the country.

Andrew Tate: Romanian court rejects bail application

The controversial social media influencer has been detained since December.

NatWest limits cryptocurrency transfers over scam fears

Customers will be able to transfer a maximum of £1,000 a day and up to £5,000 per month.

Tiny data centre used to heat public swimming pool

The heat generated by the small box of powerful computers is enough to heat the pool about 60% of the time.

Silicon Valley Bank: Lessons learned from failed 'tech bank'

The BBC talks to some of the UK-based tech firms which had accounts with Silicon Valley Bank.

US court rules Uber and Lyft workers are contractors

Labour groups had opposed contractor status, saying it robbed them of rights like sick leave.

Vinyl records outsell CDs for first time in decades

Streaming may be king, but fans of physical albums are weighing in with record sales growth

HSBC swoops in to rescue UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank

The Bank of England and government worked all night to secure a deal involving no taxpayer money.

Shark Tank India: How a start-up in Kashmir is inspiring thousands

FastBeetle's success on Shark Tank India is motivating youngsters in the region to dream big.

TikTok users shrug at China fears: 'It's hard to care'

Political outcry about TikTok national security risks has made little dent among users.

Silicon Valley Bank: Global bank stocks slump despite Biden reassurances

US authorities have stepped in to protect customers after the collapse of two American banks.

Avatar: The Way of Water's Oscar-winning visual effects

We go behind the scenes with the visual effects artists of James Cameron's Avatar sequel.

Meta exploring plans for Twitter rival

Meta is looking at plans to launch a new social media app in its bid to displace Twitter.

Can VR influencers save the metaverse?

Some people think the vision of a virtual world is dead. But others still believe it's the future.

WhatsApp: Rather be blocked in UK than weaken security

The encrypted app will refuse to comply with the Online Safety Bill if required to scan messages.

Danish public broadcaster advises staff against using TikTok

Journalists needing access to the app for research must ask for permission to use special "TikTok phones".

Google company unveils drone delivery-network ambition

Wing hopes the technology will soon be able to handle millions of deliveries.

US-China chip war: Netherlands moves to restrict some tech exports

The measures will affect Dutch firm ASML, which is a key part of the global microchip supply chain.

TikTok launches Project Clover to allay China security fears

TikTok has launched security measures to allay concerns it could be made to share user data with China.

Why do Chinese tech billionaires keep vanishing?

The mystery over the latest missing business leader comes as Xi Jinping tightens his grip on China.

Elon Musk apologises to sacked Twitter worker over online row

The firm's boss says sorry to fired employee Halli Thorleifsson and appears to offer him his job back.

The haters and conspiracy theorists back on Twitter

A BBC Monitoring investigation has found hundreds of reinstated accounts on Twitter promoting abuse and misinformation.

Elon Musk's Tesla cuts prices again as tries to boost sales

Tesla boss Elon Musk has previously said he hoped price cuts would help the firm avoid the hit from a "pretty difficult recession" in 2023.

Twitter has tech issues for second time in week

The platform now says that services are "working as normal".

A Documentary: By ChatGPT

Making a documentary powered by artificial intelligence (AI) reassured me my job’s safe, for now at least.

Twitter insiders: We can't protect users from trolling under Musk

Current and former employees of the company say there are serious ramifications from mass lay-offs.

Foxconn: iPhone maker sees revenue slump as demand weakens

Foxconn said its sales fell by more than 11% in February, compared to the same month in 2022.

Worker asks Elon Musk on Twitter: Have I been fired?

In a viral Twitter thread, Halli Thorleifsson is asked by Elon Musk what work he has done for the firm.

Arm opts for New York stock listing in blow to London

The 'crown jewel' of the UK tech sector says it will only pursue a US listing this year.

Zoom boss Greg Tomb fired ‘without cause’

The video conferencing company abruptly terminates its president's contract.

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat breaks subscriber record

The 21-year-old has amassed 300,000 subscribers, after a month-long 'subathon' to increase viewers.

TikTok sets 60-minute daily screen time limit for under-18s

The 13 to 18-year-olds will be limited to 60 minutes a day on the service, but can opt out of the measure.

Ros Atkins on... The creeping TikTok bans

The app is banned from employee phones by various governments amid security concerns.

Twitter back after two-hour outage affected tweets

The problems arose two days after the social media company reportedly laid off 200 employees.

YouTube accused of collecting UK children's data

The video platform faces a challenge over claims it is gathering and using the data of under-13s.

Canada bans TikTok on government devices

The federal government says the video app is an "unacceptable" risk to privacy and security.

FTX's Nishad Singh pleads guilty to fraud charges

Former FTX engineer says he is 'unbelievably sorry' for his role in the alleged crypto scheme.

Twitter reportedly lays off 200 more employees

The cuts account for about 10% of Twitter's remaining 2,000 workers, down from 7,500 in 2022.

Britishvolt bought by Australian firm Recharge Industries

Recharge Industries is buying Britishvolt, the start-up that collapsed in January.

Elon Musk defends racist tirade by Dilbert creator Scott Adams

Twitter's CEO accused US media of racism after multiple newspapers dropped the popular cartoon.

Missing Chinese tech banker 'assisting' authorities

Bao Fan's disappearance has renewed concerns of a potential crackdown on finance and tech figures.

Ocean plastic: How tech is being used to clean up waste problem

An organisation is scaling up its attempts to solve the world's marine plastic waste problem.

Lasers, drones and AI: The future of weeding

Using AI technology, the latest weeding systems can automatically find and spray individual weeds.

Can mind-controlled VR games help stroke patients?

The neurotech firm Cogitat is among those building a system which translates brain activity into actions.

UK phone repair apprenticeship needed, says firm

Repair firm says there is no industry standard training for fixing smartphones and other devices.

Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption

Bosses of the messaging app fear the Online Safety Bill could force it to weaken its users' security.

Netflix cuts prices for subscribers in more than 30 countries

The streaming giant has faced increasing competition from rivals including Amazon, HBO and Disney.

European Commission bans TikTok on staff devices

The organisation, which has around 32,000 employees, says the measure is to increase cybersecurity.

Sam Bankman-Fried hit with four new criminal charges

Sam Bankman-Fried is accused of making more than 300 illegal political donations.

Ozy Media founder Carlos Watson arrested for fraud scheme

Mr Watson "directed a scheme to defraud investors" of millions of dollars, federal prosecutors claim.

Robots to do 39% of domestic chores by 2033, say experts

Researchers quizzed 65 AI experts on which tasks robots are likely to do in the near future.

App to block child abuse images gets £1.8m EU funding

The project receives funding to pilot a newly-developed app to combat demand for abuse images.

Broadband must be accessible to all, peers told

Experts tell a House of Lords committee too many families cannot afford this "essential utility".

Child abuse material found on VR headsets, police data shows

Virtual reality technology is exposing children to new risks online, the NSPCC warns.

Microsoft defends $69bn Activision deal

Opponents, including Sony, challenged the proposal at an EU hearing held behind closed doors.

Twitter to charge users for text-message authentication

Elon Musk said Twitter was being "scammed" by phone companies over fake authentication-text costs

'Psychological warfare': US politicians grill TikTok boss

The TikTok CEO faced US lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on the app's practices.

‘I left teaching to train as a heat pump engineer’

Heat pumps could radically cut household CO2 emissions, but there's a shortage of qualified installers.

The revolution underway in India's diamond industry

India's long history with diamonds enters a new chapter as lab-grown versions of the gem take off.

Could waste plastic become a useful fuel source?

A process that turns waste plastic and CO2 into fuel has been developed at Cambridge University.

Is there a better way to insulate our draughty homes?

Aerogel is described as the most effective insulating material known to science, so why isn't it used more?

How slimmed-down websites can cut their carbon emissions

Businesses are discovering tweaks that can dramatically reduce the environmental impact of their websites.

The mushrooms you can wear and build with

A growing number of firms are turning fungi roots into clothing and building material.

Robotaxi tech improves but can they make money?

Despite setbacks, robotaxi services from Cruise and Waymo are making progress, but will they make money?

The tiny diamond sphere that could unlock clean power

A diamond sphere made in Germany was key to December's breakthrough fusion experiment in California.

Can technology clean up the shrimp farming business?

Shrimp farming has been criticised for causing environmental damage - can tech clean it up?

Source: BBC News - Technology

BBC News - Technology

'Psychological warfare': US politicians grill TikTok boss

The TikTok CEO faced US lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on the app's practices.

Ros Atkins on... The creeping TikTok bans

The app is banned from employee phones by various governments amid security concerns.

Exoskeletons help take the strain of heavy lifting

BBC Click’s Lara Lewington visits a distribution centre to see the wearable robotic suits in action.

ADHD and the trend to self-diagnose by TikTok

How the hashtag #ADHD has helped and hindered people.

AI suggests beer based on taster facial expressions

Aromyx analyses how a person responds to three sample drinks before tailoring its recommendations.

Cat's eyes: How a pub trip made the world's roads safer

How the late inventor of cat's eyes, Percy Shaw, got his eureka moment.

Car-sharing app offers private vehicles for hire

BBC Click's Nick Kwek test drives a car from a firm offering an alternative to traditional rentals.

Musk's Boring Company shows off Las Vegas tunnels

The BBC's James Clayton visited the tunnel network carrying passengers in Tesla cars.

Punchbags become smart with activity-tracking cover

BBC Click’s Lara Lewington tries out some of the latest fitness technology.

I have low vision, so I built an app to help others like me

Adjustable smartphone camera filters change how things look, helping users see more easily.

What are Meta's Quest Pro and HTC’s Vive XR Elite like to use?

BBC News technology editor Zoe Kleinman tries two new headsets that can transport you to virtual worlds.

How drones could be the future of Indian farming

Companies in India are encouraging farmers to switch to drones - but is that working?

Using artificial intelligence to spot breast cancer

An Indian company has developed a cheaper, non-invasive test for breast cancer that uses thermal imaging and AI.

RLSS drone trial to help sea swimmers in trouble

The Royal Life Saving Society is trialling the use of buoyancy-aid-deploying drones.

Watch parties get a privacy focus with BBC trial

Individual users will be able to decide how much personal data they want to share with the service.

Ros Atkins On… Elon Musk and Twitter

Ros Atkins looks at the twists and turns of Elon Musk’s early days in charge of the social media platform.

Can artificial intelligence design your perfect perfume?

Anna Holligan finds out whether artificial intelligence can create a unique fragrance just for her.

'The nerd emoji is not who we are'

Lowri, 13, is campaigning for an option to add a pair of glasses on emojis.

Tesla shows off humanoid robot prototype

CEO Elon Musk says he hopes Optimus can be mass produced once refined.

Testing the new iPhone: From battery to always-on screen

The BBC's Technology Editor, Zoe Kleinman, has been testing out the latest Apple smartphone.

Ethereum Merge: A cryptocurrency 'going green'

The second biggest cryptocurrency is to switch to a new operating model that it says uses 99.9% less energy.

'We talk to plants - they tell us how happy they are'

Agri-tech company Gardin uses sensors and artificial intelligence to see how well crops are growing.

Can vinyl records become greener by removing the PVC?

Records are traditionally made with polyvinyl chloride but one company is trying to change that.

Clip-on tech turns spectacles into smart audio glasses

BBC Click's Lara Lewington tries out audio glasses, a smart skipping rope and some other new technology.

China launches second module for its space station Heavenly Palace

Tiangong or Heavenly Palace is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022.

Hands-on with the Nothing 1 phone

UK company Nothing's first handset features hundreds of LED lights and has had 200,000 pre-orders.

How streaming videos gives a Danish city hot water

A datacentre is cooling its servers while providing nearby residents with heating.

Neill Blomkamp: Why I am making video game Off The Grid

The free-to-play game, featuring a narrative element, will see 150 players fight to be the last one.

Ukraine war: President Zelensky's 3D projection asks tech sector for help

The Ukrainian president has been outlining his vision for the technology sector in his country.

Dogs given their own treat-dispensing game console

Plugging into a television, Go Dogo rewards pets that successfully follow commands.

Upskirt photos shared in Facebook groups, BBC finds

Meta says it has removed accounts and groups showing upskirting, after a BBC investigation.

The man turning mud into eco-friendly 'concrete'

Gnanli Landrou has invented a special powder that turns earth into a greener version of concrete

The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools

Maggie Grout has started an NGO that will 3D-print schools where access to education is not guaranteed.

How graphene and algae could help build space habitats

Scientists are researching how people might construct homes to live on other planets.

Lost dog? How nose prints could help pet and owner reunite

A face identification app could allow smartphone users to help owners find their missing animals.

Robot developed that’s smaller than a flea

Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have created robots less than 1mm big.

'I've got bass in a backpack': VR revives 1989 rave culture

The In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats exhibition shows visitors what the acid-house scene was like.

BBC announces first ever Gaming Prom

The event will be taking place on 1 August 2022 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Ukraine war scams: Cybercriminals stole my identity

Scammers are using emotionally charged tricks in a bid to steal online donations.

Former Twitter exec questions seriousness of Musk offer

Vivian Schiller, who used to work there, tells Newsnight Elon Musk enjoys "throwing bombs" on Twitter.

This plug socket tells you if your energy is green

A power socket that helps you save electricity and tells you if it's from renewable sources.

Nano ink solar cells allow tech to charge in any light

Custom nano inks allow solar cells to be made to any shape and can use ambient light to power devices.

Prince Charles visits sustainable aviation laboratory

Prince Charles meets staff from the Whittle Laboratory to learn about sustainable aviation.

The handshake in space that brought hope to the world

What happened when US astronauts met USSR cosmonauts in space

Source: BBC News - Technology

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