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TikTok frenzies 'putting police and schools under strain'

The warning comes after a BBC investigation into disruption driven by the social media platform's algorithms.

Amazon Prime Video content to start including ads next year

Amazon says its Prime Video users will see ads on TV shows and movies unless they pay extra.

Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval

The revised offer "opens the door" to the deal being cleared, the UK competition watchdog says.

AI risks destabilising world, deputy PM to tell UN

Oliver Dowden will warn the pace of change could outstrip governments' abilities to make AI safe.

Game of Thrones author sues ChatGPT owner OpenAI

George RR Martin and John Grisham are among the authors suing the company over copyright laws.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Reaction to demo as Tokyo Game Show starts

It's one of the biggest game releases of next year - and verdicts are rolling in on the first demo.

Google accused of directing motorist to drive off collapsed bridge

Google had been asked to update its maps in the nine years before the father of two's death.

Inside Tiktok's real-life frenzies - from riots to false murder accusations

Former staff and users tell the BBC the app's algorithm has encouraged harmful real-life behaviour.

Fortnite: Parents in US offered refunds for game purchases

Millions in compensation will be paid out after the game tricked players into making unintended purchases.

Musk start-up Neuralink seeks people for brain-implant trial

The company hopes to help people with paralysis move a cursor, or type, using its brain implant.

Braverman and Facebook clash over private message plans

The government has launched a campaign criticising Meta for planned encryption of Facebook messages.

Online Safety Bill: Crackdown on harmful social media content agreed

The law aims to force firms to remove illegal content and protect children from some legal but harmful material.

Elon Musk woos world leaders, courting controversy

The billionaire's forays into sensitive geopolitical issues and his global clout have come under scrutiny.

FTX: 'King of Crypto' parents sued over missing millions

Sam Bankman-Fried's parents are being sued as his bankrupt crypto firm FTX seeks to recover money.

YouTube suspends Russell Brand from advert income

The BBC has also removed some shows featuring the comedian and actor from its streaming services.

Mortal Kombat 1: Nintendo Switch version will be fixed, says boss

The fighting series' creator admits the Nintendo edition isn't "the version we wanted to release".

Call of Duty Warzone: Does UK esports scene need more live events?

The Call of Duty Warzone world champs were crowned in London at an interesting time for the UK scene.

Online Safety Bill will have failed if harm not stopped - Ian Russell

Ian Russell says the Online Safety Bill must stop the kind of images his daughter saw before she died.

Elon Musk: Social media platform X, formerly Twitter, could go behind paywall

The billionaire suggested the social media platform, now called X, could charge for use of "the system".

TikTok fined €345m over children's data privacy

The complaint concerned how the social media app handled children's data in 2020.

Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation

Apple will update the phone in France but not elsewhere over what it says is "not a safety concern".

Taiwan tells Elon Musk it is 'not for sale'

Mr Musk draws anger from Taipei again for his comments saying the island belongs to China.

20mph: Wales speed limit sat-nav warning ahead of change

Drivers told follow signs not sat-navs when Wales lowers speed limits in built-up areas from Sunday.

Greater Manchester Police officers' details hacked in cyber attack

A company that makes ID cards for Greater Manchester Police has been targeted in the attack.

Unity engine maker says sorry after runtime fee price plan backlash

The company, headed by ex-EA boss John Riccitiello, says it will change plans to charge developers.

French iPhone 12 warning: European regulators examine alert on radiation levels

European regulators assess possible health risks after France's decision to temporarily halt sales.

Arm: UK chip designer shares surge in market return

The jump in share price was a sign of confidence in Arm, a star of the British tech industry.

'Overwhelming consensus' on AI regulation - Musk

Tech heavyweights gathered in Washington DC to discuss the regulation of artificial intelligence.

iPhone 15: Apple forced to ditch lightning charger

Apple confirms new iPhone 15 will have a common USB-C charging port after the EU forced the change.

Bristol to host one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers

The machine will "help researchers maximise the potential of AI", the government says.

AI and sound - helping firms build their own 'sonic identity'

Artificial intelligence is assisting companies in developing their own signature sounds.

AI quiz: Can you tell which image is real?

Test your skills at spotting AI-generated images with Bitesize's monthly AI quiz.

France halts iPhone 12 sales over radiation levels

Apple has been told it must recall every iPhone 12 sold in the country if it cannot fix the problem.

Cryptoqueen: Accomplice jailed for 20 years for OneCoin financial scam

Sebastian Karl Greenwood was sentenced by a US judge for the massive scam that stole billions from investors.

MGM Resorts: Slot machines go down in cyber-attack on firm

Customers also report problems with payments and check-in as IT systems go down at MGM Resorts' hotels.

Can new Apple iPhone 15 thunder without lightning?

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 15 later on today without its traditional lightning cable charger.

Google antitrust trial: Tech giant denies abusing power to gain monopoly

In a landmark trial brought by the US government, the tech giant denies using illegal practices to gain a monopoly.

Spotify denies 30-second trick could make you rich

The streaming giant quashes a theory that listening to a song on repeat will rake in the royalties.

Apple shares slide after China government iPhone ban reports

The technology giant's stock market valuation has fallen by almost $200bn in the last two days.

Roblox coming to PlayStation 4 and PS5

The popular children's gaming platform has more than 60 million players a day, according to the firm.

Tech giants face fines for animal cruelty videos

The change to the Online Safety Bill comes as a result of a BBC Eye Investigation into global monkey abuse.

Elon Musk says he withheld Starlink over Crimea to avoid escalation

A senior Ukrainian official says this enabled Russian attacks and accuses him of "committing evil".

Another FTX executive Ryan Salame pleads guilty

The pleading comes ahead of the October trial of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

YouTube starts verifying health workers in the UK

The plan will help ensure YouTubers are genuinely qualified to dish out medical information.

Period trackers to be reviewed over data concerns

Many women are worried about the information they share, the regulator says.

Google: Political adverts must disclose use of AI

The announcement follows fears AI-generated images and audio are already infiltrating ads.

Starfield creator on 'choice anxiety', long games and exclusive titles

Todd Howard tells the BBC his team wondered if they 'were in over our heads' when creating the game.

Government denies U-turn on encrypted messaging row

The government states that the tech tools for accessing private messages don't yet exist.

TikTok opens Dublin data centre to ease China spying fears

There is concern over the video-sharing app's links with China and who accesses its users' data.

Arm Holdings: Chip giant hopes for market value of more than $50bn

The UK-based firm is courting investors as its listing in the US looks to be the biggest of the year.

Electoral Commission failed basic security test before hack

Whistleblower tells the BBC the election watchdog failed the government-backed Cyber Essentials test.

New iPhone, new charger: Apple bends to EU rules

A European Union law will require portable devices to have a common charger by 2024.

EE and Vodafone customers able to call after bug fixed

The two providers have offered different accounts of what happened to their networks.

Google's search for an AI future as it turns 25

The tech giant celebrates its 25th birthday this month, but faces new threats to its dominance.

Moon base: Bangor scientists design fuel to live in space

An energy source which could sustain life on the Moon for long periods has been designed by researchers.

X, formerly Twitter, to collect biometric and employment data

The social media firm, formerly Twitter, will gather facial information if premium users give consent.

Tech firms fail to tackle Russian propaganda - EU

Russian disinformation has increased on X since Elon Musk's takeover, according to a report.

New tech boosts Dutch drive for sustainable farming

In the Netherlands, experiments are underway to ensure future food supply and cut carbon emissions.

The firms hoping to cut down on wasted cosmetics

By tailoring cosmetics to the individual some firms are hoping to cut waste in the cosmetics industry.

Pass AI law soon or risk falling behind, MPs warn

The commons technology committee urges new legislation for the UK to take lead on AI regulation.

Google tests watermark to identify AI images

The tech giant's artificial intelligence firm DeepMind unveils measures to counter disinformation.

Anonymous Sudan hacks X to put pressure on Elon Musk over Starlink

Prolific hackers accused of being a front for Russian cyber-operation shares counter evidence with the BBC.

'Overwhelming consensus' to regulate AI, says Elon Musk

The Tesla CEO was among the top tech leaders meeting with US lawmakers to discuss AI governance

London robotic surgeon celebrates its 10,000th procedure

A robotic surgeon called Da Vinci has been performing surgery for nearly 20 years.

Despite risks fish farms are booming in Africa

Farming fish has seen rapid growth in Africa but it can be an expensive, high-risk operation.

Is it possible to regulate artificial intelligence?

We are moving towards regulation of AI, but some experts maintain that it will never work.

The turbo-charged plants that could boost farm output

Researchers are tweaking the photosynthesis process to raise the output of crops like soy, maize and wheat.

The firms hoping to take psychedelic drugs mainstream

Start-ups are tweaking psychedelic compounds to treat mental health conditions.

Robots are trained to help revive coral reefs

Researchers are experimenting with robots to help speed up the restoration of coral reefs.

Elusive Ernie: China's new chatbot has a censorship problem

Ernie, Baidu's answer to ChatGPT, is wary of sensitive subjects - and clearly dodges questions.

Urban oases combine roof gardens and solar panels

Combining solar panels and a roof garden is a tricky and costly engineering task.

Long wave radio fans mourn fading frequencies

Now disappearing, long wave radio broadcasts once gave a taste of far flung countries and cultures.

Why empty lorries are a problem and how to fix it

With one third of lorries in the UK driving empty, some hauliers are turning to technology for help.

Edinburgh Fringe: Can TikTok comedy stars cut it on stage?

They have millions of followers, but can they cut it in front of a crowd at the Edinburgh Fringe?

Virtual reality brings new vision to workplace training

Staff are being asked to put on VR goggles when they go on a course or team-building session.

The eco-friendly glass that's hard to crack

Scientists have developed an extremely strong glass which is less energy intensive to make than regular glass.

Back to the future for India's rice farmers

India, the world's biggest rice exporter, is turning to old varieties and new farming techniques.

Video doorbells: Police champion them but do they cut crime?

The smart doorbells have soared in popularity, but they may not help reduce the number of break-ins.

Will electric flying taxis live up to their promise?

Small electric aircraft will be carrying passengers soon in Europe soon, but will they catch on?

Sea drones: What are they and how much do they cost?

Moscow has blamed Ukraine for a series of attacks by sea drones on Russian naval targets.

New AI systems collide with copyright law

Artists are worried that their work is being fed into AI systems and are taking legal action.

The return of cargo-carrying sail ships

As concerns about climate change continue wind-powered shipping is making a comeback.

Drones are showing us sharks like never before

Astonishing aerial footage reveals sharks are closer to us than we think – and usually leave us alone.

Source: BBC News - Technology

BBC News - Technology

'Overwhelming consensus' to regulate AI, says Elon Musk

The Tesla CEO was among the top tech leaders meeting with US lawmakers to discuss AI governance

London robotic surgeon celebrates its 10,000th procedure

A robotic surgeon called Da Vinci has been performing surgery for nearly 20 years.

What happens to your old phone when recycled?

Take a look inside a huge building where old tech is repaired or salvaged to stop it going to landfill.

Justin Trudeau criticises Facebook blocking news during wildfire emergency

The Canadian PM said that the company "is choosing corporate profits" in times of emergency.

AI and data labelling: 'I felt like my life ended'

A Kenyan man has told the BBC how his AI-related job has affected his personal life.

Bryan Johnson: Meet the multi-millionaire trying to reverse ageing

With a team of 30 scientists, tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson spends millions on his body every year.

How to spot fake reviews online

The BBC's Emma Vardy takes a look at UK companies using fake reviews to boost their online visibility.

Drones help deliver 'air mail' to Orkney islands

Islanders in Orkney are set to get mail deliveries much quicker with the help of drones.

Twitter: Sign change paused as police arrive at San Francisco HQ

Workers in San Francisco were taking down the sign after Elon Musk's rebrand of the company.

The moment when an e-bike battery on charge exploded

West Midlands Fire Service says the owner of the footage allowed it to be shared to flag the dangers.

AI robot asked 'will you rebel against humans'?

The question was posed at the world's first robot-human press conference at a UN summit in Geneva.

Martin Lewis says deepfake scam of him is 'frightening'

The consumer finance expert said he has been the subject of fake adverts for years, but this was the first in video.

What is end to end encryption and why are police concerned about its rise?

WhatsApp, iMessage, Android Messages and Signal all use the super secure technology called end to end encryption. So how does it work and why are governments opposed to it?

'It's so disheartening' - Dolly Parton tribute act stages protest over Meta 'ban'

Tribute acts protested outside Meta's London HQ after their Facebook and Instagram profiles were deleted.

What threats does AI pose?

The BBC spoke to various experts about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

Driverless cars: Researcher disguises himself as car seat in study

A study into driverless cars has used a "ghost driver" to record other road user's responses.

Watch: Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again

A paralysed man has been able to walk simply by thinking about it, thanks to electronic brain implants

Ex-Google CEO: AI on social media is ‘bad for democracy’

AI will render social media even more dangerous for elections in 2024, says Eric Schmidt.

Senator plays opening remarks generated by AI

Richard Blumenthal used ChatGPT to write his statement.

Watch UK emergency alert go off (again, or if you missed it)

A look at the UK-wide emergency alert in case you missed it.

Watch: BBC News' interview with Elon Musk in full

The interview, aired live from Twitter HQ, covered mass layoffs, misinformation and his work habits.

Watch: Elon Musk's unexpected BBC interview... in 90 seconds

Musk talks about the "pain" of owning Twitter and the BBC's objection to being labelled "government funded".

'Psychological warfare': US politicians grill TikTok boss

The TikTok CEO faced US lawmakers during a Congressional hearing on the app's practices.

Ros Atkins on... The creeping TikTok bans

The app is banned from employee phones by various governments amid security concerns.

Exoskeletons help take the strain of heavy lifting

BBC Click’s Lara Lewington visits a distribution centre to see the wearable robotic suits in action.

ADHD and the trend to self-diagnose by TikTok

How the hashtag #ADHD has helped and hindered people.

AI suggests beer based on taster facial expressions

Aromyx analyses how a person responds to three sample drinks before tailoring its recommendations.

Cat's eyes: How a pub trip made the world's roads safer

How the late inventor of cat's eyes, Percy Shaw, got his eureka moment.

Car-sharing app offers private vehicles for hire

BBC Click's Nick Kwek test drives a car from a firm offering an alternative to traditional rentals.

Musk's Boring Company shows off Las Vegas tunnels

The BBC's James Clayton visited the tunnel network carrying passengers in Tesla cars.

Punchbags become smart with activity-tracking cover

BBC Click’s Lara Lewington tries out some of the latest fitness technology.

I have low vision, so I built an app to help others like me

Adjustable smartphone camera filters change how things look, helping users see more easily.

What are Meta's Quest Pro and HTC’s Vive XR Elite like to use?

BBC News technology editor Zoe Kleinman tries two new headsets that can transport you to virtual worlds.

How drones could be the future of Indian farming

Companies in India are encouraging farmers to switch to drones - but is that working?

Using artificial intelligence to spot breast cancer

An Indian company has developed a cheaper, non-invasive test for breast cancer that uses thermal imaging and AI.

RLSS drone trial to help sea swimmers in trouble

The Royal Life Saving Society is trialling the use of buoyancy-aid-deploying drones.

Watch parties get a privacy focus with BBC trial

Individual users will be able to decide how much personal data they want to share with the service.

Ros Atkins On… Elon Musk and Twitter

Ros Atkins looks at the twists and turns of Elon Musk’s early days in charge of the social media platform.

Can artificial intelligence design your perfect perfume?

Anna Holligan finds out whether artificial intelligence can create a unique fragrance just for her.

'The nerd emoji is not who we are'

Lowri, 13, is campaigning for an option to add a pair of glasses on emojis.

Tesla shows off humanoid robot prototype

CEO Elon Musk says he hopes Optimus can be mass produced once refined.

Testing the new iPhone: From battery to always-on screen

The BBC's Technology Editor, Zoe Kleinman, has been testing out the latest Apple smartphone.

Ethereum Merge: A cryptocurrency 'going green'

The second biggest cryptocurrency is to switch to a new operating model that it says uses 99.9% less energy.

'We talk to plants - they tell us how happy they are'

Agri-tech company Gardin uses sensors and artificial intelligence to see how well crops are growing.

Can vinyl records become greener by removing the PVC?

Records are traditionally made with polyvinyl chloride but one company is trying to change that.

Clip-on tech turns spectacles into smart audio glasses

BBC Click's Lara Lewington tries out audio glasses, a smart skipping rope and some other new technology.

China launches second module for its space station Heavenly Palace

Tiangong or Heavenly Palace is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022.

Hands-on with the Nothing 1 phone

UK company Nothing's first handset features hundreds of LED lights and has had 200,000 pre-orders.

How streaming videos gives a Danish city hot water

A datacentre is cooling its servers while providing nearby residents with heating.

Neill Blomkamp: Why I am making video game Off The Grid

The free-to-play game, featuring a narrative element, will see 150 players fight to be the last one.

Ukraine war: President Zelensky's 3D projection asks tech sector for help

The Ukrainian president has been outlining his vision for the technology sector in his country.

Dogs given their own treat-dispensing game console

Plugging into a television, Go Dogo rewards pets that successfully follow commands.

Upskirt photos shared in Facebook groups, BBC finds

Meta says it has removed accounts and groups showing upskirting, after a BBC investigation.

The man turning mud into eco-friendly 'concrete'

Gnanli Landrou has invented a special powder that turns earth into a greener version of concrete

The 22-year-old 3D-printing schools

Maggie Grout has started an NGO that will 3D-print schools where access to education is not guaranteed.

How graphene and algae could help build space habitats

Scientists are researching how people might construct homes to live on other planets.

Lost dog? How nose prints could help pet and owner reunite

A face identification app could allow smartphone users to help owners find their missing animals.

Robot developed that’s smaller than a flea

Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have created robots less than 1mm big.

'I've got bass in a backpack': VR revives 1989 rave culture

The In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats exhibition shows visitors what the acid-house scene was like.

BBC announces first ever Gaming Prom

The event will be taking place on 1 August 2022 at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Ukraine war scams: Cybercriminals stole my identity

Scammers are using emotionally charged tricks in a bid to steal online donations.

Former Twitter exec questions seriousness of Musk offer

Vivian Schiller, who used to work there, tells Newsnight Elon Musk enjoys "throwing bombs" on Twitter.

This plug socket tells you if your energy is green

A power socket that helps you save electricity and tells you if it's from renewable sources.

Nano ink solar cells allow tech to charge in any light

Custom nano inks allow solar cells to be made to any shape and can use ambient light to power devices.

Prince Charles visits sustainable aviation laboratory

Prince Charles meets staff from the Whittle Laboratory to learn about sustainable aviation.

The handshake in space that brought hope to the world

What happened when US astronauts met USSR cosmonauts in space

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