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HS2: Johnson warns against 'mutilated' version of rail link

The former PM airs concerns as firms seek clarity over the government's commitment to the rail link.

Energy bill help urged by MPs to stave off winter crisis

Urgent action is needed to help households cope with higher bills, MPs say.

Inflation falls - but things could get worse for many households

Although pay deals are now matching the rising cost of living, household finances are still facing a squeeze.

Rishi Sunak scraps home energy efficiency taskforce

The group set up to drive home insulation and boiler upgrades is a casualty of the PM's green rethink.

Net zero: Will Rishi Sunak's changes to climate policies save money?

Decarbonising will cost money but some argue in the long run it will boost the economy.

Amazon Prime Video content to start including ads next year

Amazon says its Prime Video users will see ads on TV shows and movies unless they pay extra.

UAW strike expands to dozens of sites at GM and Stellantis

The UAW says new walkouts will hit 38 parts distribution centres across the US.

Hope for mortgage rate cuts after Bank of England decision

Brokers predict there could be falls in the cost of mortgages after a string of interest rate rises ends.

Microsoft's new Call of Duty deal set for UK approval

The revised offer "opens the door" to the deal being cleared, the UK competition watchdog says.

Warner Bros to expand Barbie movie studios in UK

The project will see capacity at the Leavesden facility near London expanding by more than 50%.

Tax cuts 'virtually impossible' at present, says Jeremy Hunt

The chancellor says the cost of public debt has left him with some "very difficult decisions".

Cost-of-living payments don't last - food bank

The UK's biggest food bank provider says the payments provide only temporary respite before demand returns.

Labour pledges more watchdog power after Truss mini-budget

Sir Keir Starmer says huge damage was done to the economy and can not be allowed to happen again.

Five things to know about Lachlan Murdoch

The new boss of his father Rupert's global media company has a complicated relationship with Donald Trump.

NatWest says issue of missing cash deposits has been resolved

Numerous customers said on Thursday that recently-deposited cash was not showing up in their balance.

JPEX: Hong Kong investigates influencer-backed crypto exchange

About 2,000 investors lost money on the JPEX platform which was advertised on Hong Kong's metro.

Chevron and unions agree to end Western Australia gas strikes

The dispute triggered volatile trading on energy markets over concerns it could hit global gas supplies.

Rupert Murdoch steps down as Fox and News Corp chairman in favour of son Lachlan

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chairman, ending a 70-year career.

UK interest rate freeze ends run of 14 straight increases

The surprise decision comes as the Bank of England says price rises are slowing faster than expected.

Firms forced to sell more electric cars despite petrol ban delay

Car makers will still have to ensure over a fifth of cars sold are electric from 2024.

H&M in U-turn over online returns fee in store

Its website had previously said customers must pay £1.99 to return parcels either in store or online.

Bankrupted Post Office Horizon victim demands answers after 17 years

An ongoing inquiry into the Horizon IT scandal examines the case of Lee Castleton.

Japan's Toshiba set to end 74-year stock market history

A group of investors plans to take the company private after buying more than 78% of its shares.

Government borrowing rose to £11.6bn in August

Public borrowing was higher than most economists had expected last month.

Fed holds interest rates steady - for now

The US central bank signals it could raise its key interest rate again this year

Car makers split on decision to delay petrol ban

Some manufacturers have raised concerns that the move to 2035 could put drivers off switching to electric.

Despite risks fish farms are booming in Africa

Farming fish has seen rapid growth in Africa but it can be an expensive, high-risk operation.

Interest rates: How the Bank of England's decision affects you and your money

The Bank of England has held interest rates at 5.25%, bringing a run of 14 consecutive rises to an end.

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Revered and feared, the tycoon has built a global media empire on four continents.

Is it possible to regulate artificial intelligence?

We are moving towards regulation of AI, but some experts maintain that it will never work.

Forget LA – it’s British film studios that are in demand

The film and high-end TV industry in the UK is seeing a frenzy of activity.

UAW strike: Why are US car workers walking out?

Nearly 13,000 workers for Ford, General Motors and Stellantis have gone on a historic, co-ordinated strike.

The turbo-charged plants that could boost farm output

Researchers are tweaking the photosynthesis process to raise the output of crops like soy, maize and wheat.

New tax divides India's booming computer games sector

The Indian government's forthcoming tax on the industry doesn't apply to all types of games.

The firms hoping to take psychedelic drugs mainstream

Start-ups are tweaking psychedelic compounds to treat mental health conditions.

'I wasn't heard at meetings, so did something about it'

Pamela Maynard, CEO of Avanade, shares her advice to get ahead at work.

Robots are trained to help revive coral reefs

Researchers are experimenting with robots to help speed up the restoration of coral reefs.

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BBC News - Business

Rupert Murdoch's media empire through the years

He built one of the world's most powerful media empires - here are some of his biggest acquisitions.

Interest rate and mortgages: What you can do about rising payments

Watch the BBC's Lora Jones tell you five things you can do about your mortgage, in a minute.

Why did NatWest's CEO Dame Alison Rose have to step aside?

The BBC's analysis editor Ros Atkins answers key questions about Dame Alison Rose's resignation.

Sir Richard Branson on 'painful' virgin coverage during pandemic

The billionaire was criticised for asking the government for a loan to save his Virgin Group.

Four changes to energy bills support from April

Colletta Smith tells you - in one minute - about changes to the discounts and payments available.

Pints, power and parents: Three ways the Budget could affect you

The BBC's Vishala Sri-Pathma breaks down how the government's spending plans might impact your pocket.

'Customers freaked': Silicon Valley Bank saga in 80 seconds

Has the collapse of two US banks sparked another financial crisis?

Jeremy Hunt on HSBC buying UK arm of collapsed Silicon Valley Bank

The company, which specialised in lending money to tech companies, was shut down by US regulators on Friday.

The Dutch twins shaking up the UK drinks industry

Joyce and Raissa De Haas, who founded Double Dutch drinks, explain the power of twins in business.

We have avoided recession - Jeremy Hunt

The UK has narrowly avoided falling into recession, after the economy saw zero growth between October and December.

Bank chief Andrew Bailey: 'We think inflation will fall rapidly'

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey says lower energy prices should help lower inflation.

CEO Secrets: Chess gets a risqué makeover

Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess, shares his business advice for our CEO Secrets series.

CEO Secrets: Boxing boss reveals his punishing routine

Ben Amanna, founder and CEO of Boxraw, which sells kit and clothing for boxing, shares his business advice.

How drones could be the future of Indian farming

Companies in India are encouraging farmers to switch to drones - but is that working?

Business Secretary Grant Shapps defends anti-strikes bill

The government will introduce a bill requiring a minimum level of service during public sector strikes.

Battery lights vs mains LED bulbs: What's cheaper?

As some shoppers swap mains bulbs for battery lights, we investigate if money is really being saved.

House bills: Grant Shapps shares energy saving tips from inside his house

During a tour of his home, Grant Shapps faces questions about the government's intervention on energy bills.

Cost of living: 'I want to be prepared for any eventuality'

Battery-powered lanterns and cleaning the fireplace, the BBC explores how habits are changing this winter.

DJ Glade Marie: ‘I’m sexualised on nights out’

Studies show less than 5% of the music tech industry is female. This business is trying to change that.

Ros Atkins on… Why eggs are being rationed

BBC Analysis Editor Ros Atkins looks at what’s causing egg supply issues in some UK supermarkets.

Disability and the cost of living: 'It's our son's life'

Six-year-old Cohen survives off the machines in his home and his mum's energy bills could rise to more than £3,000 a year.

Everyone will pay more tax - Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt tells the BBC how taxes will rise as he prepares for Thursday's Autumn Statement

Meet the designers with learning disabilities

A design agency in Barcelona has creatives with learning disabilities, autism and schizophrenia.

Ros Atkins on... Brexit and the UK economy

Rishi Sunak says he wants to build an economy that embraces the opportunities of Brexit.

'Rental prices make me feel pushed out of my hometown’

With prices on the rise, could rents play a part in how people vote at the next election?

Why inflation is so high - and your other questions answered

The BBC's economics editor Faisal Islam answers your questions on inflation.

Rent increases: What you can do about a rise from your landlord

The BBC's Lora Jones tells you four things you can do, if your landlord asks for more money.

No sigh of relief at ditched tax plans - Martin Lewis

Consumer expert Martin Lewis says many people in the country are still looking at 'difficult times'.

Jacob Rees-Mogg blames interest rates for economic turmoil

The business secretary disagrees with the assertion that the government's mini-budget sparked market uncertainty.

Liz Truss defends tax cuts and energy costs help in mini-budget

The PM says her government needs to continue to "deliver economic growth, jobs and opportunities".

Why is the Bank of England buying government debt?

The BBC's Economics Editor Faisal Islam explains why the Bank of England had to act.

Energy crisis: £2,500 price cap for typical households - Truss

A typical household will pay no more than £2,500 a year in energy bills for the next two years.

Restaurants will just close until spring - Tom Kerridge

Chef Tom Kerridge says many hospitality businesses are considering "mothballing" through the winter because of energy costs.

'I turned my front room into a full-time bakery'

Ben Gray explains why he turned his home into a bakery in lockdown.

Martin Lewis 'begging, praying' for more energy bills help

Consumer expert Lewis says a lack of government support is causing a "mental health catastrophe".

CEO Secrets: Mopping the floor and a lesson in feedback

Steve Vamos of accounting software firm Xero shares his business advice for the CEO Secrets series.

Cost of living: 'A lot of people have nowhere to turn'

Inflation could rise to 13% and the cost of living is putting a squeeze on finances, so how are people feeling?

Martin Lewis: Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss must set out energy bill plans

The consumer journalist says rising prices are a crisis on a scale with the Covid pandemic.

Zimbabwe: Australian firm drills for oil and gas

Zimbabwe's first gas production could be led by a new well being drilled in the north of the country.

Truss: Business-as-usual policies won't stop recession

Liz Truss says her tax cuts are more important after the Bank of England's gloomy economic forecast.

CEO Secrets: Hard Rock Cafe boss on the shift he'll never forget

Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, shares a story for our CEO Secrets series.

Tory party debate: Sunak and Truss on borrowing and debt

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have been going head-to-head for the first time in the BBC's TV debate.

'I looked at the prices in London... and chose Leeds'

Morten Toft Tech, founder of Meatless Farm, which makes plant-based meat alternative food, shares his business advice.

Cost of fuel: Car meets getting too expensive

Car enthusiasts are used to spending on their motors, but the petrol costs could price some out.

Shanghai Covid lockdown: The struggle of blind massage therapists

Blind massage therapists say the lockdown and lack of government support are making life difficult.

Price rises: Why a simple lunch is costing more in Asia-Pacific

From Singapore, to Seoul, to Sydney - how the cost of living affects lunch hour.

Give workers a piece of the pie - Unite union

Sharon Graham, the head of the UK's biggest private sector union Unite, speaks to Faisal Islam about pay.

RMT's Mick Lynch says UK needs a rebalance of wealth

The RMT union's general secretary, Mick Lynch, speaks ahead of further rail strikes this summer.

CEO Secrets: Airtasker boss on his email regret

Tim Fung, co-founder and CEO of Airtasker, shares his business advice for our CEO Secrets series.

Why I kept my sexuality a secret at work

How an aircraft engineer overcame his fear of revealing his sexuality and set up a Pride network.

Rail strike: Government is making strike negotiations worse - RMT boss

Rail union boss Mick Lynch says that a deal with rail companies could have been made by now.

Ros Atkins on… Why rail strikes are happening

Ros Atkins examines why a dispute between the RMT union and employers has led to strike action.

Rail dispute has been manufactured by Shapps - RMT

RMT general-secretary Mick Lynch admits "the whole country is suffering."

Grant Shapps: Train strikes are 'full responsibility of the unions'

The Transport Secretary tells the Commons that the public ''will not be hoodwinked'' by the unions.

Love Island stylist gives sneak peek inside the wardrobe

For the first time, ITV's Love Island contestants will be dressed in pre-owned clothes.

Cost of living crisis: Sheerness cafe owner sleeps on shop floor to save money

Steve Jackson skips meals to help pay the rent on his vintage tea shop in Sheerness High Street.

Why your haircut is getting more expensive

Chain Trevor Sorbie says they are now spending thousands more each month.

Small businesses focus on rising costs ahead of the local elections

Small businesses are the 'lifeline' of the economy says Prince, whose business has felt the impact of inflation.

'An hour a day built my million-pound side hustle'

Joel Remy-Parkes of kids tableware company Bamboo Bamboo shares his business advice for CEO Secrets.

The Zomato and Swiggy riders risking their lives to deliver food in 10 minutes

The BBC followed overworked delivery riders as they raced against time to take food to customers.

CEO Secrets: 'I begged my dad not to give out business cards'

Gaby Hersham, CEO of co-working space network Huckletree, shares her business advice.

Why I didn't use my real name at work

Should you change your name to fit in at work? We look at why some people have anglicised their names.

Former Twitter exec questions seriousness of Musk offer

Vivian Schiller, who used to work there, tells Newsnight Elon Musk enjoys "throwing bombs" on Twitter.

Cost of living: 'My money-saving life hacks'

With a squeeze on household budgets, how are Londoners saving money?

This plug socket tells you if your energy is green

A power socket that helps you save electricity and tells you if it's from renewable sources.

Inside London's only pointe shoes factory

The craft of making pointe shoes for ballet dancers has recently been put on the heritage craft red list.

Energy strategy won't reduce energy bills - Milliband

Shadow climate change secretary Ed Miliband says the government should focus on onshore wind power.

The Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur: Sometimes I don't realise how direct I am

Harpreet Kaur also tells BBC Breakfast that her sister is "definitely staying within the business".

Martin Lewis: ‘We need political intervention on cost of living’

Personal finance expert Martin Lewis calls for government intervention to tackle the cost of living.

Spring Statement: One family's cost of living experience

The Fords are a busy family and, like many, they’ve noticed the impact of rising prices.

P&O boss Peter Hebblethwaite asked if he is a 'shameless criminal'

P&O Ferries chief executive Peter Hebblethwaite issues a "late apology" after the on-the-spot sacking of 800 staff.

E-waste: Royal Mint wants to turn your old phone into gold

The Royal Mint has found a way to turn old circuit boards from phones, computers and televisions into gold.

Martin Lewis: Fuel and energy price rises 'catastrophic'

Martin Lewis, Founder of the MoneySavingExpert website, says he is ''out of tools'' to help people.

P&O Ferries: Natalie Elphicke heckled by protesters in Dover

Chants of "shame on you" are directed at Natalie Elphicke at a protest against the firm's mass sacking.

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