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Tesco sales and profits fall again

Tesco reports a 4.4% fall in like-for-like sales in the first half of its financial year, profits plunge more than 90% to £112m.

Lloyds expected to cut 9,000 jobs

Lloyds Banking Group is planning to cut around 9,000 jobs - around a tenth of its entire workforce - over the next three years, the BBC understands.

New home registrations at 2007 level

Builders are preparing to construct new UK homes at a rate not seen since the before the financial crisis, new figures show.

KPMG and FSA criticised over Co-op

KPMG and financial regulators have been criticised in a report by MPs into Co-op Bank's failed bid to buy 632 Lloyds branches last year.

US airbag recall expands to 7.8m cars

US car safety regulators expand a recall of vehicles with potentially dangerous Takata airbags to 7.8 million, warning that owners should take 'immediate action'.

Pound falls on Bank meeting minutes

The pound falls after Bank of England policy makers find "insufficient evidence" of inflationary pressure to justify a rate rise.

Boeing raises annual profit forecast

Aerospace giant Boeing has raised its forecast for profits this year and says it has a record backlog of orders.

Asian shares follow falls in US

Shares in Asia on Wednesday slide into negative territory, following Wall Street's lead after fatal shooting in Canada worries investors.

Homebase accelerates store closures

Home Retail Group says that store closures at Homebase will be accelerated, with the number of outlets cut by 25% by 2019.

Total names new heads after boss dies

Oil giant Total appoints a new chief executive and new chairman to replace Christophe de Margerie who died in a plane crash in Moscow on Monday.

Worries for those denied payday loans

The fate of people turned down for payday loans owing to stricter regulations on the industry has prompted polarised debate.

Microsoft to phase out Nokia name

Microsoft is ditching the Nokia brand name from new devices, less than a year after acquiring the Finnish mobile firm.

South Africa growth forecast slashed

South Africa's new finance minister cuts the country's economic growth forecast from 2.7% to 1.4%.

Glaxo shares up as profits beat hopes

GlaxoSmithKline's shares rose 4% after its third quarter results beat expectations and it pledged to return an additional £4bn to shareholders via a special share scheme.

Superdry founder gives up CEO role

The founder of Superdry, Julian Dunkerton, gives up his role as CEO to focus on developing the brand's products and image.

Car insurance premiums 'creeping up'

UK car insurance premiums have risen for the first time in more than two years, with further rises predicted.

Universal credit 'in place by 2018'

Most benefit claimants will have transferred onto the government's universal credit scheme by the end of 2018, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith predicts.

Cut in winter heating guidance

Families could reduce energy bills by following new guidance from Public Health England on recommended heating levels.

Online banking glitch at Nationwide

The UK's largest building society - the Nationwide - had a temporary technical problem with its online and mobile banking service on Tuesday afternoon.

Japan's exports jump in September

Japan's trade deficit edges higher in September despite exports growing at their fastest pace in seven months.

Cities need more power, says study

Allowing UK cities to make their own decisions on tax and spending could boost economic growth by £79bn a year by 2030, a year-long study concludes.

Public borrowing rises in September

Government borrowing rises in September to £11.8bn, which will limit the government's options in the run-up to next year's election economists say.

The king of discount voucher codes

How Mark Pearson, the boss of discount offers website My Voucher Codes, set up the business and became a self-made multi-millionaire.

The Chinese tycoon who loves animals

Huang Nubo, the founder of property and leisure giant Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group, explains his unique approach to business.

Boom times for Ethiopia's coffee shops

As Ethiopia's economy continues to expand, business is growing strongly for coffee shops in the capital Addis Ababa.

India suspend tours to West Indies

India suspend all future tours to the Caribbean following the West Indies' decision to abandon their tour of India last week.

Games helped city hotel rates rise

Glasgow hotels enjoyed a significant lift in room rates during July, helped by the Commonwealth Games.

Ticket prices outstrip cost of living

The BBC Price of Football study finds some ticket prices in English football rising at almost twice the rate of the cost of living.

The Brazilian walk-in siesta centres

Renting your own room for a power nap

Tesco's next move: Expert views

How can the supermarket turn its fortunes around?

How to manage a fast-growing firm

The risks facing firms that grow too fast

India's love affair with gold set to deepen

Why India's love affair with gold is deepening

Supermarket supplies: The hidden world

The story behind the promotions at the end of the aisle

Can data predict the perfect entrepreneur?

Why being over 40 makes you the perfect entrepreneur

Debt campaigners tear up student loans

The people who buy and then cancel student debt

Connecting India's offline millions

Can Zuckerberg help to bring more Indians online?

Source: BBC News - Business

BBC News - Business

VIDEO: Is Asian philanthropy on the rise?

As the ranks of Asia's wealthy have swelled, philanthropic giving has increased. Rico Hizon speaks to Christina Tung from UBS about the future of giving in Asia.

VIDEO: More powers 'would boost UK cities'

Allowing UK cities to make their own decisions on tax and spending could boost economic growth by £79bn a year by 2030, a year-long study has concluded.

VIDEO: Don't crash: How to grow fast safely

Leadership expert Steve Tappin talks to Chinese bosses about the dos and don'ts of managing a firm which is growing very quickly.

VIDEO: Payday lenders hit back at critics

Payday lenders strike back against criticism that they leave customers worse off.

VIDEO: Tesco scandal highlights supplier ties

As Tesco prepares to give an update on Wednesday into the accounting scandal that stunned the city earlier this month, the BBC's Emma Simpson examines the relationship between suppliers and supermarkets.

VIDEO: 'Knowledge economy' changing the north

New research suggests that what's known as the "knowledge economy" is growing faster in the north-east of England and Northern Ireland than anywhere else.

VIDEO: Diwali sees Asia retail sales spike

The Hindu festival of Diwali has a big impact on the economies of India and other Asian countries. Sharanjit Leyl reports from Singapore.

VIDEO: Bringing internet to India's poorest

More than a billion Indians don't use the internet - and addressing that was the focus of a summit in Delhi where Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was the star attraction.

AUDIO: Nigeria's vibrant media industry

How Nigeria's media industry could become one of the world's most vibrant

VIDEO: Singapore's philanthropic dynasty

How the Tan family runs a charitable foundation out of its 1930s Singapore mansion, while Singapore struggles to think charitably.

VIDEO: 'Australia does not have to take sides'

Australia's former foreign minister Bob Carr says it is important they remain neutral over a territorial dispute between China and Japan.

VIDEO: 'CHAPS problem delayed my move'

House movers, including Aidan Myles from Chorlton, faced delays after the Bank of England stopped an automated system that transfers billions of pounds between banks for much of the day.

VIDEO: New president has long to-do list

Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo officially starts in the top job today, but pushing through his reform programme won't be easy.

VIDEO: Charge for carrier bags in Scotland

A public awareness campaign is being launched to highlight the carrier-bag charge which has come into force in Scotland.

VIDEO: Big league for gamers in Seoul

Tens of thousands of fans turn out to watch competitors play each other at the League of Legends World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.

VIDEO: Who could benefit from cheaper fuel?

Drivers could benefit if savings from a drop in petrol and diesel wholesale prices are passed on, but the Petrol Retailers' Association says smaller forecourts could suffer.

VIDEO: 'Cold call' pension scam warning

Changes in the rules surrounding pensions could lead to more people being persuaded to transfer their savings to risky investment schemes, some of which may be fraudulent.

VIDEO: Switching sites 'hiding' best deals

Five of the UK's biggest price comparison sites are accused of "hiding" the best energy deals from consumers - by one of their rivals.

VIDEO: Counting the cost of learning to drive

Learning to drive can be a tricky hurdle to overcome no matter however old you are, but for many young drivers the financial cost can be a particular challenge.

VIDEO: Oysters flourish again in Swansea

Oyster fishing is set to make a comeback in Wales after marine biologists reintroduced 40,000 oysters into Swansea Bay.

VIDEO: Will thumbprint tech mean end of PIN?

Credit and debit cards with thumb print sensors built in could one day do away with the need to use codes, PINs and passwords.

VIDEO: Tens of thousands march over pay

Tens of thousands of people have joined protests calling for an increase in pay following a week of industrial action organised by unions.

VIDEO: 'Find new ways to put consumer first'

Five of the UK's biggest price comparison websites are being accused of hiding the best energy deals from consumers by one of their rivals.

VIDEO: Interest rates 'lower for longer'

Interest rates should remain low to avoid long-term economic stagnation, the chief economist at the Bank of England has said.

VIDEO: The clean-up sweeping through India

Narendra Modi has launched a campaign to clean up India's notoriously dirty streets and public buildings, but will it last?

VIDEO: Nalli Silks: The luxury sari firm

Once made for Indian and British royalty, Nalli Silks - a family-run business - is cautiously expanding throughout India and abroad.

VIDEO: Africa's plastic recycling entrepreneur

The BBC's Tamasin Ford talks to entrepreneur Philippe Yoda, whose innovations in plastic recycling have taken him all over the world.

VIDEO: The 'concept cars' money cannot buy

The car industry jamboree known as the Paris Motor Show is wrapping up on the outskirts of the French capital.

VIDEO: India's quest to get people online

One billion people are still not connected to the internet in India and cost is the main barrier. So authorities are looking at ways to get more people online.

VIDEO: The world's fastest ambulance?

The world's fastest ambulance has been revealed at the Gitex technology show in Dubai.

AUDIO: Whither the global economy?

US shares crept lower on Thursday, tracking big losses on European and Asian stock markets

VIDEO: Top 1% 'own half global wealth'

The richest 1% own nearly half the world's wealth, a Credit Suisse report estimates - the BBC investigates in 60 seconds.

VIDEO: Huawei boss gives first TV interview

Huawei's chief executive Guo Ping gives his first ever TV interview to the BBC's Linda Yueh, and explains why the firm doesn't need the US market.

VIDEO: How easy it is to employ disabled people?

EmployAbility's Tab Ahmad on the challenges for employers and candidates about positions for people with disabilities

VIDEO: Will robots replace humans?

In Singapore, both government research agencies and businesses are looking at new ways to use robots for wider commercial purposes.

VIDEO: Chinese billionaire Huang Nubo unveiled

Huang Nubo is one of China's wealthiest men, but what has driven his success?

VIDEO: Employment at Tata plants 'toppy'

The founder of the firm seeking to buy some of Tata Steel's UK operations, which employ around 6,000 workers, says that the employment levels at the plants look "toppy".

VIDEO: Crackdown on scam mail fraudsters

More £100,000 has been returned to victims of postal scams thanks to a special initiative between National Trading Standards and the Royal Mail.

VIDEO: Osborne: Still too many without work

UK unemployment fell by 154,000 in the three months to the end of August to 1.97 million, the first time it has been below two million since 2008, official figures show.

VIDEO: Asia's poverty 'underestimated'

The number of people who live in poverty across the Asia-Pacific region is being vastly underestimated according to the Asian Development Bank.

AUDIO: New pension rules explained

Ros Altman, the government's tsar for older people, explains proposed changes to pensions rules.

VIDEO: How many would pay a mansion tax?

There are questions over the details of Labour and Lib Dem plans for a mansion tax on the most expensive properties.

VIDEO: 'Double Irish' tax structure closes

The Republic of Ireland's Irish finance minister announces he is abolishing the controversial "Double Irish" tax structure that exploited international differences in tax rules.

VIDEO: Tycoon sings We are the World to reporter

Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao may be the country's most generous yet controversial philanthropist, as John Sudworth reports.

VIDEO: Battersea's revamp powers ahead

The Malaysian company planning to re-develop London's landmark Battersea Power Station is moving ahead with the project, according to one of its executives.

VIDEO: India's inflation shows signs of easing

Latest data from India shows that the problem of rising prices is continuing. But at least the increases are now happening at a slower pace.

VIDEO: Time marches on for watchmaker Titan

While Indian watchmaker HMT winds up business, Sameer Hashmi visits its slick, domestic rival, Titan.

VIDEO: UK government to sell Eurostar stake

The UK government is seeking buyers for its 40% stake in the cross-Channel train operator Eurostar to help boost the public finances but Labour warns against a "rushed" sell-off.

VIDEO: Designed In China: The facts

Animated graphic illustrating the advances China is making from a manufacturer to a designer of goods and products

VIDEO: Work starts on new Royal Navy warship

Work begins on the first of three Royal Navy warships at BAE Systems yards on the River Clyde in Glasgow.

VIDEO: Football in India set for kick-off

Can football really attract fans in India, the land of cricket? The BBC's Sameer Hashmi reports.

VIDEO: Winemakers shake-up the industry

Winemaking in South Africa is a multi-billion dollar industry, but it has not always been a sparkling success.

VIDEO: SA's small-scale fishing threat

As small-scale fishing on South-Africa's west coast declines, fishermen in Saldanha Bay are concerned their way of life may disappear entirely.

VIDEO: What businesses want from Europe

British Chambers of Commerce views on trading and exporting to Europe and UK relations with the EU.

VIDEO: IMF, World Bank to tackle global growth

Finance ministers, IMF and World Bank officials are gathering to explore how to get the global economy back on track.

AUDIO: From cleaner to executive director

An ex-cleaning lady has become the new executive director of Suffolk brewer Adnams after rising through the ranks.

VIDEO: GoPro makes surfer boss a billionaire

The tiny high definition camera called the GoPro has made its founder and chief executive a multi-billionaire after it was floated.

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