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Tesco fast-tracks new finance chief

Troubled supermarket giant Tesco says its new chief financial officer, Alan Stewart, is joining the company immediately, more than two months earlier than originally planned.

Jimmy Choo to float shares in London

Designer shoe maker Jimmy Choo announces plans to list its shares on the London Stock Exchange.

Phones 4U to shed almost 1,700 jobs

Almost 1,700 jobs are to go at the failed mobile phone retailer Phones 4U, after the firm's administrators confirmed that 362 stores will close.

Profit warning hits Tate & Lyle

Tate and Lyle warns that supply chain problems and more competition in the sweetener market will hit its profit after a "challenging" half year.

BHP Billiton to cut 700 coal jobs

BHP Billiton and Mitsubishi plan to cut 700 jobs at a joint coal mining venture in Australia because of tough market conditions.

US crackdown on overseas tax deals

The White House announces new treasury department measures aimed at stopping companies avoiding US taxes by merging with overseas firms.

Rockefellers to divest fossil fuels

The Rockefeller family, which made its fortune from oil, is to sell its investments in fossil fuels and put money into clean energy.

London Market Report

The FTSE 100 falls and Mothercare shares drop more than 7% after it announces plans for a £100m rights issue.

Whistleblower gets biggest US payout

The US Securities and Exchange Commission reveals it has awarded a record $30m payout to an anonymous whistleblower who lives outside the US.

Asia Market Report

Asian markets reverse earlier losses after a better-than-expected China manufacturing activity survey.

Caution urged over new gold offer

Investment analysts have urged investors to be cautious after the Royal Mint launched a new website selling gold and silver coins.

Alibaba 'breaks share sale record'

Chinese internet giant Alibaba has raised $25bn in its share flotation, according to US media, making it the largest initial public offering in history.

Museum reunites Colossus veterans

The largest gathering of veterans who operated the Colossus code-cracking computer in World War II has been held at Bletchley Park.

New general secretary for RMT union

Mick Cash is elected general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union following the death of previous leader Bob Crow.

Arab Bank liable in terror attacks

A US jury finds Jordan-based Arab Bank liable for providing material support to Hamas, ruling the bank must provide victims of two dozen terrorist attacks with compensation.

Air France pilots reject offer

Striking Air France pilots have rejected an offer by the airline aimed at resolving the dispute.

Lion King 'most successful show'

Musical The Lion King takes more money at the box office than any other stage show or cinema release.

Shoe firm boss denies taking money

The chief executive of Chinese footwear firm Ultrasonic has spoken to Chinese media and denied running off with the firm's cash.

Balls outlines 'first Budget' agenda

Ed Balls says he will increase the minimum wage, bring in a mansion tax, freeze child benefit and axe the "bedroom tax" in his first Budget if Labour wins power.

Review of energy firms' debt letters

Regulator Ofgem is launching a review of energy firms' communications with customers in debt amid concerns over potentially misleading letters.

Cards declined after Barclays error

Customers of banking giant Barclays had their debit cards refused in stores and at ATMs on Monday after a temporary technical problem.

Nuclear power plant 'to be approved'

Plans to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset are recommended for approval following a European Commission investigation.

US calls for EU to 'boost' economy

The US Treasury Secretary urges eurozone countries to "boost demand" in order to reduce unemployment and avoid deflation.

Labour makes £8 minimum wage pledge

The minimum wage would rise to £8 per hour by the end of the next parliament if Labour wins the general election, leader Ed Miliband promises.

Farming 'the hardest plant to grow'

A group of farmers are hoping to succeed where others have failed: in creating the first commercially viable wasabi growing business in North America.

The PoW who built a $180m business

A profile of Everett Alvarez, the former US Navy pilot, who spent eight and a half years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, before a successful career in government and business.

Africa's first education tablet

Ivorian Coast entrepreneur Thierry N'Doufou talks about how he developed a tablet computer which he wants to be used by all school children in the country.

Fifa report may prompt charges - MP

A report into alleged corruption at Fifa, football's world governing body, could lead to criminal charges, an MP believes.

Warburton first on dual contract

Regional Rugby Wales confirm Wales captain Sam Warburton has the first dual contract under the new deal with the WRU.

Radisson halts Vikings sponsorship

Hotel chain Radisson suspends its sponsorship of NFL team Minnesota Vikings after one of their players was charged with child abuse.

Tesco turns stale as market moves on

Has Tesco passed its sell by date?

Health technology puts patients first

The tech making life a little easier for patients

Delhi marriage detective in high demand

The detective making money from untrusting couples

'No' vote to alter tax and benefits

How 'No' vote will alter Scottish tax and benefits

Jack Ma: The man behind Alibaba

The man behind China's internet giant Alibaba

Kenyan security industry grows post-Westgate

Kenya's security sector grows in aftermath of Westgate attack

India's farmers turn to technology

India's farmers turn to tech to cope with climate change

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BBC News - Business

VIDEO: Tesco boss Dave Lewis: Full interview

Tesco's chief executive Dave Lewis has said there will be a "full and frank investigation" after the supermarket overstated its profits. Watch the full interview.

VIDEO: Chinese economy set for 'bumpy ride'

Catherine Yeung, investment director at Fidelity Worldwide tells Rico Hizon that she expects a 'bumpy ride' for the Chinese economy.

VIDEO: Royal Mint's new gold trading website

The Royal Mint has launched a new website selling gold and silver coins.

VIDEO: Marriott plans Asian hotel expansion

The Marriott hotel chain plans to open a new hotel almost every week in Asia over the next three years to help cater for Chinese tourists.

VIDEO: China the 'engine' for diamond trade

The chief executive of De Beers says that China will be the 'engine' of growth for the diamond market.

VIDEO: Marriage detective in high demand

Taralika Lahiri runs a private detective agency in Delhi that specialises in matrimonial cases and says her business is thriving.

VIDEO: G20 close to stimulus package

G20 finance ministers meeting in Australia say they are close to agreeing a package of measures to boost global growth.

VIDEO: Alibaba shares begin trading in NY

Shares in Alibaba, the Chinese online retailer, have begun trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

VIDEO: Pound and shares rise on 'No' vote

The pound has hit a two-year high against the euro and a two-week high against the US dollar, as Scotland voted against independence.

VIDEO: Kenya's blooming flower industry

Despite a temporary slump in the market, Kenya's flower sector delivered $500m in sales in 2013.

VIDEO: GSK receives record fine in China

Pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline is fined $490m (£297m) after being found guilt of bribery by a Chinese court.

VIDEO: Technology helps India's farmers

The BBC's Shilpa Kannan meets Indian farmers to find out how they are changing the way they work, and to see the technology helping them cope with climate change.

VIDEO: Post-Westgate: Kenya's security push

One year after armed members of Islamist militant group al-Shabab attacked the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya, the BBC's Anne Soy reports on the new methods being used to train security guards.

AUDIO: Lord Hill objections 'barrel-scraping'

MP Damian Green has come to the defence of Lord Hill as British Candidate for European Commissioner, describing objections to his appointment as a "barrel-scraping argument".

VIDEO: Job figures 'very encouraging'

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has said the latest unemployment figures are "very encouraging".

VIDEO: What will New York make of Alibaba?

As Alibaba prepares to float in New York, what view will investors there take of the Chinese e-commerce giant?

VIDEO: World Bank's Ebola warning

The World Bank says the Ebola outbreak could have a catastrophic impact on the economies of West Africa.

VIDEO: China’s online shopping revolution

The Chinese internet giant Alibaba is set to raise billions on the US stock exchange and is expected to be one of the biggest share offerings in history.

VIDEO: Taiwan's cooking oil scandal

A company in Taiwan has been fined $1.6m and its chairman taken into custody after they were caught supplying substandard cooking oil.

VIDEO: The man behind Alibaba: Jack Ma

Who is the man behind Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that is about to launch a record listing on the New York stock market?

VIDEO: Phones 4U shops closing for business

Retailer Phones 4U has gone into administration putting 5,596 jobs at risk.

VIDEO: Ivory Coast's homegrown tablet

How an Ivory Coast company developed a tablet computer which is being introduced in the country's schools.

AUDIO: FT redesign part of 'digital strategy'

The Financial Times has redesigned the print version of the newspaper, corresponding with a shift of focus to online content.

VIDEO: Call centre worker still going strong at 83

BBC Inside Out meets the 83-year-old call centre worker from Sunderland who says he cannot afford to retire.

AUDIO: What do gambling measures mean?

Four of Britain's biggest bookmakers announce a series of voluntary measures aimed at addressing public concerns about gambling.

VIDEO: Why bagpipe makers want No vote

The Scottish referendum campaign is being watched closely by the business community in Pakistan, particularly by makers of traditional bagpipes and kilts.

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