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Eat out to help out: More than 10.5 million meals claimed in first week

The Treasury has set aside £500m to cover the cost of the scheme for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Jobless in the pandemic: 'It's hard to stay positive'

The government's furlough scheme has stopped unemployment surging, but that may be changing.

Apple boss Tim Cook joins the billionaires club

The company's share price has soared, helping to boost the personal wealth of its chief executive.

Retail sales rise despite fewer High Street visits

Sales grew again in July, but some retailers are 'hanging by a thread', the industry body says.

McDonald's sues ex-boss Easterbrook over alleged sexual relationships

The fast food giant is suing Steve Easterbrook, claiming he had relationships with four staff.

'Fake background office chatter helps me work from home'

People are turning to artificial office noise to help them while working from home during lockdown.

'It will break my heart to have to walk away'

Why has the number of self-employed people started to fall?

Toshiba shuts the lid on laptops after 35 years

Toshiba has sold its remaining shares in its former personal computing division.

One in three UK firms 'expect to make redundancies'

Research suggests a third of UK organisations plan job cuts, a 50% increase on three months ago.

Twitter 'looking' at a possible TikTok tie-up

The messaging platform has approached under-fire TikTok about a possible deal, according to reports.

Jimmy Lai: Hong Kong media tycoon held amid sweep of arrests

The arrests of Jimmy Lai and other prominent pro-democracy activists raise fears of a broad crackdown.

Coronavirus: Pret a Manger to cut staff hours

The sandwich chain has asked staff to work 20% fewer contracted hours due to the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Redundancy 'stressful and upsetting'

A Freedom of Information request shows a rapid rise in firms in June saying they were cutting staff.

Beirut explosion: Donors pledge aid for Lebanon but want reform

World leaders promise an aid package after the huge Beirut blast, as clashes again erupt in the city.

Eat out to help out: 'We've had 15,000 bookings'

Restaurants are cautiously optimistic after the first week of the government's discount scheme.

Tate boss defends plan to cut 200 jobs in art gallery shops and cafes

"Sadly at the moment the trading business is too big," Maria Balshaw told Desert Island Discs.

'I won a holiday but it turned out to be a big scam'

Sammie Richardson was nearly duped by a fake competition on Instagram but there are more scams out there.

Coronavirus: How fishing trade transformed to survive lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the fishing industry to diversify to stay in business.

Coronavirus: Millions for small business 'sitting in council accounts'

Government grants for small firms have to be claimed by the end of August.

British Airways: 'I felt forced to take redundancy'

The airline's cabin crew who are not made redundant on Friday will still face steep pay cuts.

US jobs growth slows in July as pandemic takes toll

American employers added 1.8 million jobs last month, down from 4.8 million in June.

TikTok threatens legal action against Trump US ban

The Chinese firm says it is "shocked" by an order for US companies to stop doing business with the app.

Mini house-buying boom leads to highest ever monthly price

The housing market is showing a 'surprising spike' as people return to buying property after the lockdown.

What is Tencent?

The Chinese firm's investments include Fortnite, Tesla and Universal Music - but it's under fire in the US.

Unemployment and coronavirus: Older workers feel 'forgotten'

Julie Morris explains what it is like to be job hunting in your late fifties during coronavirus.

'People told me my plans for a skincare firm were crazy'

When Tata Harper was setting up her US cosmetics brand, she was told it would never work.

Black Lives Matter: Campaign for black businesses has been 'extraordinary'

A campaign to support businesses run by black people has had an "extraordinary effect" on sales.

CEO Secrets: ‘What I learned from leaders’ behaviour off-camera’

A look at what business leaders' behaviour off-camera reveals about their real personalities.

The coldest computers in the world

New computers promise to cruise through old problems, but involve mind-boggling low temperatures.

BA staff facing redundancy or pay cuts speak out

British Airways staff facing possible redundancy or pay cuts wore masks of airline bosses Willie Walsh and Alex Cruz as they vented their anger.

The woman pushing snow sport towards new heights

British winter sports boss Vicky Gosling explains why Team GB is aiming for a record Olympic medal haul.

The islands that want tourists as well as fish

The Faroe Islands are trying to reduce their dependence on fishing industries.

Why stock markets are defying a shrinking economy

Some of the reasons shares are disconnected from the real economy.

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BBC News - Business

Coronavirus: Does your mask need an upgrade?

Designer Anne Sophie Cochevelou decorates her face coverings with anything from Barbies to Pokemon toys.

Black Lives Matter: Campaign for black businesses has been 'extraordinary'

A campaign to support businesses run by black people has had an "extraordinary effect" on sales.

LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to success

Allen Blue, who co-founded professional network LinkedIn, reveals how start-ups can achieve growth.

Coronavirus causes vineyard problems

With thousands of vines to prune and not enough staff, the owners put out a plea for help on social media.

FIRE: The people trying to retire as early as possible

Meet the extreme savers who live for an end of the nine-to-five.

Coronavirus: Brits, Balearics and battered businesses

Ibiza's nightclub scene has been hit hard by coronavirus, leaving people in need of support.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos rejects claims company acted like a 'drug dealer'

The Amazon boss is questioned by US Congress on one company's experience with his business.

Coronavirus: Ibiza boss reacts to UK quarantine regulations

O Beach Ibiza boss, Tony Truman, based on the island for 20 years, explains how the new rules are impacting plans.

Heathrow CEO: 'We need to test and learn'

John Holland-Kaye says more needs to be done to allow quarantine restrictions to be reduced.

Airline passengers 'panicking' over quarantine

People about to return to the UK from Spain react to the government's change to coronavirus travel rules.

Coronavirus: Experts share advice on Spain quarantine rules

Employment and travel experts share their advice on how the new Spain quarantine rules may affect you.

Raab: Workers 'ought to be treated sympathetically'

The foreign secretary says he expects employers to "respect" the actions of staff who now need to quarantine.

Coronavirus: Restaurants struggle with overwhelming 'no-shows'

Social distancing means fewer tables for customers - but many aren't showing up for their reservations at all.

What are negative interest rates?

What are negative interest rates, and how could they work in favour of consumers? boss: 'Behave as if your mum is watching'

John Roberts, founder of white goods retailer, shares his business advice for CEO Secrets.

Views from new North Yorkshire to Cumbria tourist train

The aptly-named Staycation Express runs from Skipton in North Yorkshire to Appleby, Cumbria.

Ipswich town centre traders face 'dire' lack of customers

The owners of a cafe and a clothes shop say they are struggling to make ends meet.

Coronavirus: Lessons from 2008 for the class of 2020

Advice for people leaving education on how to handle employment prospects in the wake of coronavirus.

How Boeing’s 747 became the 'Queen of the Skies'

A brief history of Boeing's 747, once dubbed the "Queen of the Skies", but which is now being grounded by many airlines.

Social media influencers warned against promoting fake brands

Trading Standards and police are warning social media influencers against promoting fake brands.

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