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Gas crisis: Two energy firms go bust amid warning more to come

Avro and Green collapse, with hundreds of thousands of customers facing higher bills with new suppliers.

Food firms warn of panic-buying this Christmas

Empty supermarket shelves may become commonplace as labour shortages bite, industry bodies say.

Travel rule change delayed by lateral flow test shortage

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says private Covid testing firms cannot supply enough lateral flow tests.

Gas price crisis: Food firms face huge price rise for carbon dioxide

The US supplier of CO2, which will receive millions in UK taxpayer support to reopen, will hike prices.

US lifting ban on imports of British lamb, says Boris Johnson

The PM admits the UK is now aiming only for "incremental steps" on US trade, rather than a full agreement.

Fraudsters steal £4m a day as crime surges

Total losses through fraud rockets by 30% in the first half of the year, with many victims not refunded.

Catalogue of errors led to £1bn of state pension underpayments

The National Audit Office says 134,000 pensioners, mostly women, were affected by a preventable scandal.

Pret to hire 3,000 new staff as city workers return

The coffee and sandwich chain plans to hire 3,000 staff after cutting same number in 2020.

Pandemic has changed travel forever, says AirBnB boss

Boss Brian Chesky says people are increasingly combining business and leisure travel thanks to remote working.

Evergrande: Crisis-hit firm strikes China debt deal

The company is also due to make a $83.5m interest payment on an offshore bond on Thursday.

'No clear end to HS2 cost and delays' say MPs

The Public Accounts Committee is "increasingly alarmed" about key parts of the rail project.

Joe Biden plays down chances of UK-US trade deal

The US president's comments come as he meets Boris Johnson for talks in the White House.

Failing energy firms may mean higher bills, warns regulator

Energy supplier Green is the latest firm to announce it is struggling to cope with the gas price crisis.

China pledges to stop building new coal energy plants abroad

The announcement is the country's latest climate pledge and a major step forward to address emissions.

Major record labels could face competition inquiry

The competition watchdog has been asked whether major record labels are distorting the market.

Mask-wearing on public transport sees big drop

Only 20% still wear masks at train stations now it is no longer compulsory, according to Network Rail.

Covid travel test change date needed to avoid losses

Airlines and airports say they need a date for when PCR tests are removed so they don't lose out on bookings.

German elections: Businesses face future without Merkel

Many companies in Germany are focused on short-term survival in the hope of medium-term revival.

How 'nerd' culture powered through the pandemic

Meet the online content creators beating the odds to build successful careers from their passions.

Can apps manage our chronic health conditions?

A Swedish tech firm has created an app to help alleviate people's joint pain.

'Looking back, it was an amazing thing I did'

Meet the founder on a 10-year mission to disrupt Japan's rigid work culture.

Gen Z battles to bring back unions, one Starbucks at a time

Younger Americans are reviving US labour activism amid stagnant wages and Covid hardship.

Why taking up an instrument has struck a chord for so many

The pandemic led to around 1m UK adults learning an instrument and many taking music lessons.

CEO Secrets: 'You can run a business and have a baby'

Planning for a maternity leave when you're the boss of a fast-growing company.

Why even giant ships can't solve the shipping crisis

A shortage of vessels is hampering global trade and may lead to empty shelves before Christmas.

Amazon's Cape Town base: The battle to save South African culture

Some indigenous groups say the planned office in Cape Town is on culturally important land.

The pressures - and rewards - of being an influencer

Running your own popular YouTube channel can be lucrative, but it comes with downsides.

The epicentre of Britain's pandemic house price boom

House prices have surged in many parts of the UK - and in one district they have risen by 29% in a year.

Could a reboot make social media a nicer place?

A Harvard University project will explore whether social media can be de-toxed

Women's state pension: 'It is like you've lived one big lie'

How women born in the 1950s had their retirement plans upended by state pension age changes.

How a monkey launched the pop-it toy craze

Why it took a TikTok primate to turn a forty-year-old idea into a global hit

The models that turned Instagram into their DIY catwalk

New York Fashion Week marks a tentative return - but how did supermodels keep working through Covid?

CEO Secrets: The bra boss busting stereotypes

Leanne Cahill, CEO of Bravissimo, shares her journey from shop floor to boardroom in retail.

Why coders love the AI that could put them out of a job

Artificial intelligence is getting better at penning code but still a long way from working alone.

Has Covid killed off business cards for good?

Sales of business cards have fallen sharply as a result of the pandemic.

Source: BBC News - Business

BBC News - Business

Travel experts on changes to international travel rules in England

A surge in holiday bookings is expected after simplified travel rules were announced in England on Friday.

Travel rules: Government scraps amber list and PCR tests for vaccinated

Traffic light system to be reduced to a single red list and testing to be based on vaccination status.

Canada election: Why it takes 30 years to buy a house in Canada

Canada's skyrocketing housing costs have become a key election issue this year.

Tesco launches new refillable shopping with 88 products

Tesco supermarket has launched a zero-waste shopping service, providing customers with containers.

Ros Atkins on... lorry driver shortages

Ros Atkins looks at why there's a lack of drivers and how it's affecting UK businesses.

‘You will never be a CEO’

Gillian Tee, boss of care services provider Homage, shares what she has learned so far.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee: Wanderlust collection was about India

Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee was criticised after he teamed up with high street retailer H&M.

Could this solar farm be a climate change solution?

UN experts say rapid innovative solutions are needed to end our dependency on fossil fuels. Could this new project provide an answer?

How do couples handle awkward chats about money?

From squabbles and lies to what they'd do if they won the lottery, we pose the awkward questions.

Boohoo CEO says clothes aren’t ‘throwaway’

With fast fashion brands coming under increasing pressure, the CEO of Boohoo says the company are taking action to be more sustainable.

Tankus the Henge: Touring in France post-Brexit 'a puzzle'

Band Tankus the Henge negotiates touring in France, their first trip there since Brexit rules were imposed.

Bank scam victims speak of trouble getting refunds

Some banks are not refunding customers' losses as they should be under a new code, a regulator says.

Fisherwomen honoured in photography exhibition

An exhibition is dedicated to decades of women who have worked in the industry on the east coast.

The cost of hosting the Olympics

Holding the world's biggest sporting event comes with a hefty price tag

Bank scammer threatens BBC reporter over the phone

A fraudster threatens a BBC reporter during a call supposedly from his bank after a text scam.

Climate change: The craft brewery using algae to cut emissions

An Australian craft brewery is using microalgae to turn their carbon emissions into oxygen.

Brexit: Exporting my fish to China is easier than to France

A Scottish fisherman says post-Brexit rules means three hours worth of paperwork for each EU order.

The cat with more than 50,000 social media followers

Pet influencers have become the latest social media stars with the pandemic fuelling content demand.

Covid-19 furlough scheme starts to be scaled back

As financial support reduces, we hear from a worker who has been on and off furlough for 15 months.

Source: BBC News - Business

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