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Buy-to-let surge 'raising house prices'

Surveyors are witnessing a surge of demand from buy-to-let investors which they expect to push up house prices.

Twitter hit by slowing growth in users

Shares of Twitter fall in after-hours trading as the companies earnings announcement shows growth faltering.

Shoppers 'fail to spot cheapest deals'

Most grocery shoppers are unable to identify the cheapest deals when faced with a blizzard of "special offers" in stores, financial experts say.

BT to divert nuisance calls

BT says it will launch a new service later this year to divert nuisance calls within its network before they ring on customers' phones.

Hong Kong shares sink 4%

Hong Kong shares join the regional downward trend, falling 4%, as trading resumes after the Lunar New Year break.

Nestle ends IAAF sponsorship deal

Food and drink giant Nestle ends its sponsorship of the IAAF, as it fears the doping scandal engulfing the world athletics governing body could damage its reputation.

Yellen warns on US financial conditions

US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen pours cold water on the prospect of a second rise in interest rates any time soon.

Why have bank shares fallen?

Contingent convertible bonds, or Coco bonds, are behind the sudden and dramatic falls in bank shares, but what on earth are they?

Asahi to buy Peroni and Grolsch

Japanese brewer Asahi says it has agreed to buy the Peroni and Grolsch beer brands, which are being sold to allow AB InBev to take over SABMiller.

Warning of 'indefinite low rates'

Former City regulator Adair Turner warns that without radical policies, the UK economy could be stuck with low interest rates "almost indefinitely".

Industrial output sees sharp fall

Industrial output in the UK suffered its sharpest monthly drop in three years in December, official figures show.

Deutsche Bank shares recover losses

Deutsche Bank's shares bounce back from a 30-year low on reports it will instigate an emergency bond buyback plan.

Burger King expands menu with hot dogs

Burger King announces that hot dogs will be the newest addition to its menus in the US.

Legal breakthrough for Google car

Google's self-driving technology should be considered a legal driver, the US highways authority says.

VIDEO: Apprenticeships boost the workforce

Germany has Europe's lowest rates of youth unemployment, partly because of its traditional apprenticeship system, which allows young Germans who don't go to university to train and qualify in companies.

VIDEO: Feeding Hong Kong's poor and hungry

Hong Kong's Chan Cheuk Ming has kept his eatery going through hard times, feeding people who cannot pay.

VIDEO: Artificial intelligence buys stocks

Hedge funds are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence in order to spot trends to try to make money for their customers

VIDEO: Entrepreneurship in village schools

India has become a hub for start-ups in recent years. Most investment has been focused on cities, but as a majority of Indians live in rural areas, what difference would teaching entrepreneurial skills to village students make?

VIDEO: Is self-publishing hot right now?

As more and more writers choose to self-publish, how are these author-entrepreneurs changing the bookselling industry?

VIDEO: Hope for typhoon-hit rice farmers

Technology being developed in the Philippines could give hope to thousands of farmers affected by storms and natural disasters.

VIDEO: How to become a better boss

Top chief executives share their tips on how to become a better boss.

VIDEO: Challenges facing new gas plant

Shetland's new gas plant has "pushed the boundaries" of what is technically possible, says the BBC's Lorna Gordon.

Is the tax tide beginning to turn?

Is it becoming harder for international firms to avoid tax?

The entrepreneurs rebuilding East Timor

The young entrepreneurs helping to rebuild their country

How did Iceland clean up its banks?

How Iceland cleaned up its banks

Norway seeks to move away from oil

Norway seeks to diversify its economy as oil earnings plunge

Migrants ‘more motivated to learn’, says OECD

Migrant children 'may be the highest achievers'

Why more Americans are giving up their passports

Why expats are handing back their passports

Is self-publishing coming of age?

How easy is it for authors to self-publish?

Will not criticising make you a better boss?

Will not criticising make you a better boss?

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BBC News - Business

VIDEO: Apprenticeships boost the workforce

Germany has Europe's lowest rates of youth unemployment, partly because of its traditional apprenticeship system, which allows young Germans who don't go to university to train and qualify in companies.

VIDEO: Feeding Hong Kong's poor and hungry

Hong Kong's Chan Cheuk Ming has kept his eatery going through hard times, feeding people who cannot pay.

VIDEO: Artificial intelligence buys stocks

Hedge funds are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence in order to spot trends to try to make money for their customers

VIDEO: Entrepreneurship in village schools

India has become a hub for start-ups in recent years. Most investment has been focused on cities, but as a majority of Indians live in rural areas, what difference would teaching entrepreneurial skills to village students make?

VIDEO: Is self-publishing hot right now?

As more and more writers choose to self-publish, how are these author-entrepreneurs changing the bookselling industry?

VIDEO: Hope for typhoon-hit rice farmers

Technology being developed in the Philippines could give hope to thousands of farmers affected by storms and natural disasters.

VIDEO: How to become a better boss

Top chief executives share their tips on how to become a better boss.

VIDEO: Challenges facing new gas plant

Shetland's new gas plant has "pushed the boundaries" of what is technically possible, says the BBC's Lorna Gordon.

VIDEO: Jo Malone on 'emotional' decisions

Perfumer Jo Malone offers the business advice she wishes she'd been given when she started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: Investing in South African schools

South Africa is investing more money in nursery schools. But, with the economic challenges the country faces, it's hard to determine whether these programmes will eventually be successful.

VIDEO: Why is make-up a hard sell in India?

The BBC's Yogita Limaye speaks to Vivek Bali, Sephora's India chief executive.

VIDEO: Are car sales gauge of India's growth?

The BBC's Shilpa Kannan went to test the mood at the Delhi Auto Show 2016.

VIDEO: Chinese wedding photos - in London

BBC News meets a photographer who specialises in taking pre-wedding photos of Chinese couples in London, a growing trend.

VIDEO: Super Bowl 50: In numbers

Super Bowl 50, American football's showstopper takes place this weekend between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. The BBC takes a look at the numbers.

VIDEO: How will young find jobs in future?

Colm O'Regan looks at geo-demographics and the future of work.

VIDEO: New SA train on track for growth

How an urban train network is expanding in the South African city of Johannesburg.

VIDEO: China's new year helps abalone sales

Abalones, or marine snails, are a much sought-after delicacy in Asia with demanding peaking around the Chinese new year - and many are sourced from South Africa.

VIDEO: Red tape strangles trade in DR Congo

Companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo are getting angry about bureaucracy.

VIDEO: Chinese New Year preparations

What will Chinese people be stocking up on for the start of the new year?

VIDEO: KAEC: Saudi's $100bn construction project

Will one of the world's largest construction projects taking place in Saudi Arabia be a success?

VIDEO: Oil prices: A pipeline in history

Follow our pipeline from the 1860s, the birth of the modern oil industry, to see the ups and downs that oil prices have undergone.

VIDEO: Interest rates: 'An easy decision'

Bank of England governor Mark Carney said it was an "easy decision" not to raise interest rates this month.

VIDEO: Oil price: 'low for some time'

The former BP chief executive, Lord Browne, says that it will take time for oil supply to stabilise to allow the gap between supply and demand to close.

VIDEO: The winners and losers of the TPP

The long-awaited Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been signed in New Zealand. So who are the winners and losers?

VIDEO: Central banks 'too aggressive' on rates

Dominic Rossi, the head of global equities at Fidelity, says central banks have been 'too aggressive' when communicating over interest rates.

VIDEO: Using water to improve lorry designs

Experts at Cambridge University have developed a new trailer design that makes lorries more aerodynamic - cutting fuel consumption and pollution by around 7%.

VIDEO: What is the Privacy Shield?

Tanya Beckett explains changes to the way personal data is transferred between the US and European Union.

VIDEO: Make-up lessons for visually impaired

A make-up artist in Singapore is giving free make-up lessons to the visually impaired.

VIDEO: Ask Andy: What are 'dark pools'?

Barclays Bank has been fined $70m by US regulators for its handling of so-called "dark pool" trading. Credit Suisse has also been fined $60m for its involvement. But what exactly are "dark pools"?

VIDEO: Falling oil: Is history repeating itself?

The falling price of a barrel of oil has made headline news around the world as demand fails to match supply. But have we been here before?

VIDEO: 'Purpose driven' generation?

"Millennials" - those born between 1980 and 1999 - aren't motivated by the same factors as previous workers, so how are companies going to attract and retain staff from this generation?

VIDEO: Females in FIFA: 'Now is our time'

Isha Johansen, president of the Sierra Leone Football Association, offers the business advice she wishes she had had when she started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: Buy buy love

Valentine's Day is a key event in February - so what can you do to keep the costs under control?

VIDEO: Women-only transport grows in Indonesia

Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, is seeing a growing number of transport services catering exclusively to women.

VIDEO: Reversing Africa's brain drain

The growing trend for African overseas students to utilise their acquired skills in their home countries.

VIDEO: A dab hand at digital advertising?

Comedian Colm O'Regan considers the future of advertising in a digital world.

VIDEO: How high fashion helps good causes

Indonesian designer Anne Avantie is channelling profits from her glamorous creations into good causes.

VIDEO: Drumming up enthusiasm for djembe

Playing the African djembe drum is growing in popularity outside of its native continent.

VIDEO: Land Rover Defender production ends

James Bond has driven one, and so has the Queen, but the manufacture of one of Britain's best-loved vehicles will come to an end today.

VIDEO: Barbie becomes curvy and changes race

Barbie has finally had a makeover and will be sold in three new body shapes in response to falling sales and longstanding criticism.

VIDEO: Piketty warns of India inequality

Best-selling author and economist Thomas Piketty says India must address inequality if its economy is to continue to grow.

VIDEO: Australian coal seam gas protest

Activists want to stop coal seam gas exploration in New South Wales to prevent what they say would be an environmental catastrophe.

VIDEO: Vietnam's economic reform challenge

Will reformist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung secure the top post in Vietnam's Communist party?

VIDEO: 'Quantitative easing for the people?'

BBC News talks to "rebel" economist Professor Steve Keen about his theories on global economics.

VIDEO: Shell-BG Group mega-deal in 60 secs

The BBC's Simon Jack looks at the proposed 'mega-deal' between Shell and BG Group, which Shell shareholders vote on today.

VIDEO: Scalextric cars get tablet upgrade

Rory goes hands-on with some of the latest toys and potential best-sellers at an exhibition in London.

VIDEO: Public speaking: Tips from the top

Chief executives explain how they've improved their public speaking.

VIDEO: YouTube mogul's four success tips

Jamal Edwards, founder of the SBTV YouTube channel, offers the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: DiCaprio to Gates: Davos highlights

BBC News looks at some of the highlights of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which was held in Davos this week.

VIDEO: Indonesia's first high speed train

Can Indonesia's first high speed train help it overcome its traffic problem?

VIDEO: 'Companies must pay fair share of taxes'

George Osborne welcomes an agreement for Google to pay £130m in UK back taxes, and dismisses complaints from Labour politicians about it.

VIDEO: Osborne on EU, migrants and markets

Migration, markets and a new deal with the EU? Kamal Ahmed questions George Osborne in Davos.

VIDEO: 'We're saving lives for less than $1,000'

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is widely acknowledged to be the largest charitable foundation in the world, but how do they choose which country or cause to back?

VIDEO: 'We are not facing a market crisis'

Talking to the BBC's Kamal Ahmed, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says that the world is not facing a stock market crisis, as it did in 2008.

VIDEO: Gates: reasons to be happy in 2016

Why does Bill Gates think we should be happy in 2016? We caught up with the Microsoft founder at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and asked him why he's optimistic for the future.

VIDEO: What is an economic community?

Comedian Colm O'Regan takes a look at what it means to be part of a trade bloc.

VIDEO: Gates: US 'should take more' refugees

The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has told the the BBC that the United States 'should set a better example' by taking in more refugees.

VIDEO: Haute cuisine to beat world hunger

The BBC meets chef Jarno van Doremalen as he prepares a dinner, hosted by the World Food Programme, for Davos dignitaries including the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

VIDEO: Nigeria implements currency controls

Nigerian authorities are to start a series of controls designed to stop dollars fleeing the country.

VIDEO: The falling price of oil explained

Oil prices continue to fall and lifting sanctions imposed on Iran, which has one of the biggest oil reserves in the world, has pushed the prices even lower.

VIDEO: Sweet ambition for Ivory Coast cocoa

How Ivory Coast is looking to add value to their cocoa, from pod to packaging.

VIDEO: Time for tea to change in India?

The BBC's Yogita Limaye visits some of the firms giving India's favourite drink a makeover.

VIDEO: Is India importing too many gadgets?

The BBC's Sameer Hashmi explains why booming electronic sales are not always good news.

VIDEO: Businesses face Big Data challenge

Business leaders in Davos are scratching their heads over how to analyse "Big Data" - the massive amounts of information they are now collecting and how much protection they should give their consumers, says the BBC's Tanya Beckett.

VIDEO: EU reform deal may not come soon, says PM

David Cameron is warning that a deal on EU reform may not happen at a summit next month - the prime minister said it was more important to get it right than rush negotiations. Kamal Ahmed reports from Davos.

VIDEO: Schaueble: Still 'unsolved problems'

Europe is in a relatively 'good situation', but still has 'unsolved problems', says the German finance minister, speaking to the BBC's Tanya Beckett.

VIDEO: Mika Hakkinen on 'mind games'

BBC News catches up with Formula 1 legend Mika Hakkinen at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

VIDEO: How robots are changing workplaces

At Davos companies are waking up to the idea that with advances in artificial intelligence, they may have to rethink their approach to getting the job done, reports Tanya Beckett.

VIDEO: 'Year of two halves' for oil price

BP boss Bob Dudley predicts that the price of oil will rise in the second half of the year, after a day in which it plunged to a 12-year-low, sparking turmoil on global markets.

VIDEO: Trudeau: Diversity is 'a strength'

"We need societies that recognise diversity as a source of strength," says Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

VIDEO: Where should you work?

Which countries should young people look to work in, both now and in the future? We asked Alain Dehaze, the CEO of Adecco Group.

VIDEO: 'I was up to my neck in it'

As new research shows that personal debt in the UK is more than £180bn, the BBC hears one person's story.

VIDEO: Tuk tuk kick-starts fundraising drive

A group from around Asia has raised hundreds of thousands of US dollars to help pay for the basic needs of rural communities in India and Sri Lanka.

VIDEO: Why don’t oil producers cut supply?

Opec has in the past reduced its output to shore up the falling price of oil, so why isn't it doing the same this time?

VIDEO: Refugees' hopes from global leaders

As world leaders gather in Davos to discuss global challenges like Syria's civil war, what do refugees living in the town want to say to those attending the forum?

VIDEO: China slowdown: Can it avoid a crash?

With China seeing its slowest growth for a quarter of a century, Stephen Evans asks if the country can make the change to a more normal rate of growth without a crash.

VIDEO: DiCaprio attacks corporate greed

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio criticises the "corporate greed" of oil, gas and coal companies, during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

VIDEO: Does Davos really make a difference?

As the World Economic Forum opens in Davos, the BBC's Tanya Beckett asks whether this meeting is anything more than a talking shop.

VIDEO: $27,000 per ticket: Davos in numbers

As the World Economic Forum (WEF) gets under way in Davos, BBC News looks at some of the key numbers and figures associated with the event.

VIDEO: What is the 'resilience imperative'?

In the first of the BBC's Davos plain-speaking challenge, we asked WEF's Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz, to explain the term "resilience imperative" without using any jargon.

VIDEO: Why is China's growth slowing?

The BBC's Stephen Evans meets some of the Chinese steelworkers put out of a job by falling prices and the slowing economy.

VIDEO: The statistics behind UK steel job losses

John Moylan has been looking at China's steel industry and its effect on UK steel.

VIDEO: 'Port Talbot is shaped by the steelworks'

As Port Talbot in south Wales is rocked by news of 750 job cuts at its steel plant, a local historian assesses the impact.

VIDEO: 'Port Talbot will start to die'

People living in Port Talbot say the job cuts at Tata Steel will kill the town.

VIDEO: Will Iran's neighbours see boost?

Justin Rowlatt reports on how the lifting of sanctions in Iran may affect economies beyond its borders.

VIDEO: Is tech stitching up Indian tailors?

With alternative ways to get bespoke clothing made, what does this mean for the traditional Indian tailor?

VIDEO: Can India innovate and create jobs?

Can Indian manufacturing modernise while still supporting employment targets?

VIDEO: Dubai eyes Iran trade prospects

Following the lifting of economic sanctions, many in Iran's main regional trading partner, the United Arab Emirates, are looking forward to new business opportunities.

VIDEO: Iran sanctions deal in 60 seconds

What will the lifting of sanctions on Iran mean?

VIDEO: Could your home be their office?

A crop of companies is sprouting up around the world that wants to adapt the Airbnb model to the needs of people looking for a temporary place to work.

VIDEO: The shirt guaranteed to last 30 years

Tom Cridland is so confident in the design of his shirts he gives them a 30-year guarantee. He tells the BBC's Michael Hirst how they are made.

VIDEO: Meet the teens inspiring teens at TEDx

How the movers and shakers of tomorrow's world are being used to inspire British teenagers.

VIDEO: SA shoe firm finds its export feet

How one African shoemaker is feeling the benefit of the rising US dollar.

VIDEO: Will 2016 be a tough year for Africa?

The BBC's Matthew Davies takes a look at the state of the continent's economies and markets.

VIDEO: Testing humans in driverless cars

Transport Correspondent, Richard Westcott, visits a university test centre to investigate how humans will cope with driverless cars

VIDEO: India's mobile phone wallets

Will Indians get used to paying with their phones instead of cash?

VIDEO: The problem of predicting the future

Comedian Colm O'Regan ventures into the murky world of predicting the financial year ahead.

VIDEO: 'Super-car' unveiled at Detroit show

Two legends of the car industry, designer Henrik Fisker and GM veteran Bob Lutz, have teamed up to form a new luxury brand, VLF Automotive.

VIDEO: Charities get businesslike to gain cash

As donations and legacies from Australian households hit billions a year, charities are having to become more professional to attract funds.

VIDEO: Cash calendar - tips for January

Andy Webb, from the Money Advice Service, offers tips on dealing with your finances in January.

VIDEO: Luxury cars at the Detroit auto show

Car enthusiasts and auto industry leaders are gathered in Detroit for the annual Northern American International Auto Show.

VIDEO: How a car show is set up

BBC News looks at the work that goes into setting up an international car show, like the one taking place in Detroit this week.

VIDEO: Detroit motor show upbeat despite China

Carmakers at the Detroit are sounding positive about the industry despite the slowdown in the world's biggest car market - China.

VIDEO: Indonesia faces waste management crisis

Jakarta is one of the world's largest megacities. Its growing middle class is producing more and more rubbish - and that's creating a crisis.

VIDEO: How do you manage a unicorn firm?

What exactly is a unicorn firm and what's the best way to manage one?

VIDEO: David Bowie: Business mogul?

We all know David Bowie was one of the best known artists, singers and cultural icons of his generation. But what can we learn from his business nous?

VIDEO: Economy key issue in Taiwan election

Taiwan will hold presidential and parliamentary elections this Saturday, and many voters will be weighing up which party can better manage the economy.

VIDEO: Taking stock: China's volatile week

BBC News's Karishma Vaswani gives an overview of a highly volatile week in China's financial markets.

VIDEO: How do China's circuit breakers work?

As China's stock market volatility causes global headaches, BBC News looks at China's use of so-called 'circuit-breakers'.

VIDEO: Cashing in on comedy in India

All India Bakchod have turned their popularity on YouTube into cold, hard cash.

VIDEO: Ireland's business of migration

Comedian Colm O'Regan takes a look at the impact on Ireland of mass migration from central and eastern Europe.

VIDEO: India's strong growth outshines others

India is the only country whose economy is growing strongly, according to a report from the World Bank. What has that meant for people in the country?

VIDEO: Global stock market's volatile week

BBC News's Victoria Fritz gives an overview of a highly volatile week in global stock markets.

VIDEO: Warning over homebuyer scams

Dozens of homebuyers are being conned out of thousands of pounds every year by fraudsters who steal online payments meant to go via solicitors.

VIDEO: Jet pack or garden shed? Future of commuting

Researchers and developers are trying to find new ways to improve or even avoid the commute to work but what could it look like?

VIDEO: World Bank predicts sluggish growth

The World Bank's latest look at the year ahead suggests the global economy may continue to limp along, with falling commodity prices a drag on growth.

VIDEO: Netflix: We'll follow Apple into China

The chief executive of Netflix Reed Hastings says he intends to follow Apple's lead to get permission to operate in China.

VIDEO: 2015 UK car sales hit record high

UK new car sales hit an all-time record last year, figures released later are expected to show.

VIDEO: Indian firms change disability policies

Major companies in India begin to change their attitudes towards hiring people with disabilities.

VIDEO: Ford says it leads in self-driving tech

Ford's boss tells the BBC that his company is one of the leaders in self-driving car technologies.

VIDEO: Why is HSBC’s online banking down?

Britain's biggest bank, HSBC, is still trying to repair its online banking system, which has failed for the second day running

VIDEO: How US shale oil is forcing prices down

Oil prices jumped over Saudi Arabian and Iranian tensions as trading began for the new year - however - most predict this rise will be short lived

VIDEO: Delhi begins anti-pollution trial

The BBC's Shilpa Kannan reports from Delhi, where authorities are beginning a trial to allow cars on the roads on alternate days.

VIDEO: Beer boss's pep talk down the pub

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra beer, offers the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: Starting up when you are over 65

The number of over 65s who are self-employed has more than doubled in the past four years as over 600,00 new small businesses were set-up in 2015.

VIDEO: Indian start-ups: Boom or bubble?

Is the start-up boom in India actually a bubble in danger of bursting in 2016?

VIDEO: Sampling Africa's 2016 'pop culture'

The BBC's Africa Business Report takes a look at the trends emerging in popular culture on the continent.

VIDEO: Airport shops told to pass on VAT savings

Shops at airports could be forced to pass on VAT savings to passengers travelling outside the European Union, after the government launched an inquiry.

VIDEO: SurveyMonkey boss: Make the bet

Bill Veghte, chief executive of SurveyMonkey, offers the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: 'We turned our hobby into a business'

Millions of people say they want a new job in 2016, so could being your own boss be the answer?

VIDEO: CEO Secrets: One banker and his dog

Vernon Hill, founder and chairman of Metro Bank, offers the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: Why does China produce so much steel?

The spare capacity in the Chinese steel industry exceeds Europe's entire steel output. Why does China continue to produce so much steel?

VIDEO: How is AI transforming Wall Street?

Michelle Fleury looks at how artificial intelligence is transforming the financial industry.

VIDEO: E-book boss on "unconscious bias"

Michael Tamblyn, chief executive of Kobo, offers the business advice he wishes he had been given when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: The 17-year-old running three businesses

BBC Breakfast's Steph McGovern meets entrepreneur Ben Towers, who is running three businesses at the age of 17.

VIDEO: Tapping into the thirst for wine in China

Wine trader William Wu explains why there is a growing thirst in China for a reasonably priced wine.

VIDEO: When will your gift vouchers expire?

Gift cards were in the top five most popular presents this Christmas, but every year £300m is wasted on vouchers which cannot be used any more.

VIDEO: Shoppers queue for Boxing Day sales

The BBC's Joe Lynam speaks to shoppers at London's Brent Cross shopping centre where people arrived early to queue for the Boxing Day sales.

VIDEO: CEO Secrets: Asda boss gives advice

Andy Clarke, chief executive of the UK's Asda supermarket group, offers the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out, as part of the BBC News series, CEO Secrets.

VIDEO: Calls to clean up Kenyan athletics

Corruption and doping scandals threaten to ruin the business of world class athletics in Kenya.

VIDEO: Renaissance for art in Ivory Coast

Five years after a decade of civil war in Africa's Ivory Coast, artists are thriving.

VIDEO: The greatest toy you can't buy?

BBC News catches up with engineers at the University of Cambridge who have developed a prototype game, using remote-controlled airships.

VIDEO: Alcohol price rule may breach trade laws

Judges at the European Court of Justice rule that the Scottish government's proposals for a minimum unit price for alcohol may contravene free trade laws.

VIDEO: Beyond the pale in Asia

In Asia, the preference for pale skin may give way to a fashion for tanning, as the sun-kissed look takes on a glamorous tone.

VIDEO: 'This is all about clean energy'

Michael Darchambeau is the co-founder and chief executive of The Green Link - a delivery company in Paris which claims it has a zero carbon footprint for its service.

VIDEO: Remember the Cabbage Patch riots?

The last minute scramble for must-have Christmas toys seems to bring out the worst in us

VIDEO: Does music change shopping habits?

A company which runs a number of shopping centres is looking at the impact different soundscapes have on shoppers.

VIDEO: Christmas Day workers 'will top 900,000'

More people are expected to work on Christmas Day this year, with the total set to exceed 900,000, the TUC says.

VIDEO: Why Macau is facing competition in Asia

China's Macau has been struggling recently - so now it's facing a growing number of rivals who are keen to cash in on Asia's appetite for gambling.

VIDEO: 'There's a lot of price wars going on'

Cheese-maker Robin Skailes says supermarkets - which account for 98% of all cheese sold in the UK - are engaging in price wars

VIDEO: The store testing shopping technology

How technology fitted in a London store could personalise how you shop.

VIDEO: Christmas sales show signs of weakness

UK retail sales grew more weakly than retailers expected in December and the outlook for January sales figures is not strong, according to a survey by the business lobby group, the CBI.

VIDEO: Government accused of failing steel industry

The government is being accused of failing to respond early enough to warnings about a crisis in the steel industry, where thousands of jobs have been lost in recent months.

VIDEO: 'My shirts last half a century'

BBC News visits a designer who specialises in ''slow fashion''- making expensive clothes that she says will last half a century.

VIDEO: Rail regulator receives super-complaint

Train companies are making it too difficult for delayed rail passengers to receive compensation, consumer group Which? has argued.

VIDEO: From yoga guru to business boss

One of India's most famous yoga gurus is using his brand to sell a wide range of products.

VIDEO: Is this logo a design icon?

A fundraising campaign is under way to publish the original design manual of one of the UK's most recognisable logos.

VIDEO: 12.6 million hit shops on 'Panic Saturday'

Today is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year.

VIDEO: Christmas comes early to Redcar

Nine-year-old Ben Hebden organised a party for children who were affected by the closure of a local steelworks.

VIDEO: Tanzania's 'innovative' bike mechanic

While repairing bicycles in Tanzania, Bernard Kiwia discovered his passion for new inventions.

VIDEO: South Africa's finance minister fiasco

How South Africa got three finance ministers in just one week.

VIDEO: Selling Indian food to new consumers

Some restaurateurs in India and abroad are trying to modernise Indian cuisine.

VIDEO: 'It's a different, alien environment'

As the UK's last deep coal mine closes, Chris Kitchen, general secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers recalls what it was like working at Kellingley colliery.

VIDEO: Inside a rollercoaster factory

Rollercoaster company Mack Rides has allowed cameras inside its factory for the first time.

VIDEO: Should India spend more on flood defence?

Tamil Nadu's floods have killed hundreds over past weeks - and the economic cost is vast. So, should India spend more on defence?

VIDEO: How the Fed's move affects life in Asia

The BBC's Karishma Vaswani explains how the consequences of a rate rise as far away as in the US might be felt in everyday life in Asia.

VIDEO: China moves to further curb internet use

Delegates gathering for breakfast at the World Internet Conference in China will be discussing the Chinese president's call for more regulation - or restriction - of the internet.

VIDEO: Last round pound coin minted

The Royal Mint is producing the final round pound coin on Wednesday, ahead of the new-look replacement which will be brought into circulation in 2017.

VIDEO: How US interest rates rise will affect UK

The US Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 0.25 percentage points - its first increase since 2006 - in a move likely to have global repercussions.

VIDEO: Economists were 'itching' for rate hike

Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee says there were hopes the Fed would raise rates despite worries over jobs, inflation and housing.

VIDEO: What's changed since last Fed rate rise?

As the US Federal Reserve decides what do about interest rates, BBC News looks at how life has changed since the last rise.

VIDEO: Making an 'ethical' smart-phone

Dutch start-up Fairphone explains its vision of an 'ethical' mobile phone.

VIDEO: Australia's entrepreneurial exercise

The Australian government is planning an A$800m initiative to inspire a bolder entrepreneurial spirit that embraces greater risk.

VIDEO: Report suggests fracking should start

Industry correspondent John Moylan reports on the Shale Gas Task Force's recommendations in favour of fracking for shale gas

VIDEO: How would a US rate rise affect you?

With the Federal Reserve poised to raise borrowing costs, the BBC's World Business team explain the ramifications of a decision that will extend around the world.

VIDEO: Nurofen ban explained - in 60 seconds

The BBC's Simon Gompertz explains whether there will be legal action against Nurofen in the UK after some products were banned in Australia.

VIDEO: Changes to how we manage our taxes

Joe Lynam reports on HMRC's introduction of an easier way to file tax returns online

VIDEO: Supporting India's women-led start-ups

The former Goldman Sachs director who is now helping other women to succeed in business.

VIDEO: The cafe where everything is £1

BBC News visits a cafe in central London that is trying a new business model, selling all food items for one pound.

VIDEO: What will US rate rise mean for India?

The BBC's Sameer Hashmi reports on what a rise in US interest rates. will mean for India's economic growth.

VIDEO: May the market force be with you

The original Star Wars films pioneered merchandising in the 1970s.

VIDEO: Japan to help India on bullet train

India is set to build its first high-speed bullet train service, with Japan helping finance the project.

VIDEO: Lagarde: 'Housing is a perennial risk'

The IMF has given an upbeat assessment of the UK economy, saying it is in a very strong position but there are still risks.

VIDEO: Drought saps South Africa sugar crop

The BBC's Taurai Maduna finds out how the drought is affecting the sugar industry in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

VIDEO: Cocoa threatened by climate change

The cocoa industry in West Africa is under threat from rising global temperatures.

VIDEO: Kashmir cricket bat makers sidelined

Severe flooding in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014 damaged huge stocks of new cricket bats.

VIDEO: Indian firm selling prayers online

Find out how one firm in India is helping people outsource their worship - by getting someone else to pray on their behalf.

VIDEO: Why struggling AirAsia India is upbeat

The boss of AirAsia India, Mittu Chandilya, says India can be "frustrating" but that he's still excited about the potential for his company.

VIDEO: Inside Myanmar's first stock exchange

Myanmar is preparing to open its first stock exchange early next year. The BBC's Jonah Fisher finds out how it became a possibility.

VIDEO: Plane spotters take 'blind test'

In an informal experiment to learn how distinctive plane noise is, BBC News asked plane spotters to take a 'blind test'.

VIDEO: Why might price of petrol fall further?

The BBC's Andy Verity reports on the potential drop in the price of petrol

VIDEO: Tough times in the global tea trade

It's a global industry worth around $38bn - but competition in the tea trade is tough. The founder of Sri Lanka's leading tea family shares the secrets to success.

VIDEO: 'My passion for music started early'

Serbian hi-fi turntable maker Igor Gligorov explains why he has made his passion for music and sound his business.

VIDEO: Rented homes 'fail basic standards'

Nearly 750,000 privately rented homes in England are failing to meet basic safety standards.

VIDEO: How do we spend our money?

Official figures out today show what we spent our money on in 2014.

VIDEO: Philippines TV takes on social media

How one show in the Philippines called Eat Bulaga smashed social media records in October, generating more than 41 million tweets in a few hours.

VIDEO: India's pharmacy protest over online

India's pharmacies are under pressure as online-only pharmacies are luring more and more customers away from traditional shops.

VIDEO: Why Venezuela is short of bank notes

Daniel Pardo explains how Venezuela's chronic inflation has left it short of bank notes.

VIDEO: How to turn your head into chocolate

BBC News visits a start-up based in London that is using 3D printing technology to make customised chocolate head lollipops.

VIDEO: The house that costs £15 per year to run

An architect has designed a house which costs just £15 ($23) per year to heat, light and power.

VIDEO: Minimum wage 'a hurdle' for my disabled son

Julian Mason's son Ben, who has a learning disability, says the minimum wage is a hurdle to him

Source: BBC News - Business

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