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Skywatchers await 'super blood wolf moon'

During the spectacular event, the Earth's natural satellite turns a striking shade of red.

Saturn's spectacular rings are 'very young'

One of the most distinctive features in the Solar System is no more than 100 million years old.

World's coffee under threat, say experts

Of 124 coffees in the world, we only drink two, but we need to protect all of them, say scientists.

Climate change: Is nuclear power the answer?

How green is nuclear power and what are the other options?

Cern plans even larger hadron collider for physics search

The Future Circular Collider could be Europe's £20bn successor to the existing Large Hadron Collider.

World's 'loneliest' frog gets a date

Scientists find a Juliet for water frog, Romeo, once thought to be the last of his kind in the world.

China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout

The seeds, inside a sealed container, are the first plants ever grown on the Moon's surface.

Concerns over increase in toxic brine from desalination plants

Operations to extract fresh water from the sea are now producing 50% more of this salty effluent than expected.

Watch how air pollution moves across Europe

See an animation showing the concentration and movement of nitrogen dioxide through the atmosphere.

Wood burners and open fires face restrictions in new clean air plan

Ministers hail the UK's "world leading" pollution plan, but green groups call it a missed opportunity.

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has repeated remarks about race and intelligence.

Mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah dies aged 89

The former Cambridge professor had received the highest honour in his subject - a Fields Medal.

Guardian switches to potato starch wrapping

Readers, who pressed for the change, can compost or put the new packaging in their food waste bin.

Chang'e-4: China Moon probes take snaps of each other

A Chinese rover and static lander put on the far side of the Moon take pictures of each other.

Spektr-R: Russia's only space telescope 'not responding'

Spektr-R has stopped receiving commands from Earth, Russian astrophysicists say.

SpaceX launch completes Iridium satellite refresh

The $3bn refurbishment of the original sat-phone network will help transform air-traffic surveillance.

Ella Kissi-Debrah 'pollution' death: Backing for new inquest

Nine-year-old Ella died from asthma but her family believe air pollution caused her health to fail.

South Africa sniffer dog intercepts 116kg of rhino horn

The haul, worth more than $1.3m (£1m), is one of the largest seized in South Africa in recent years.

Signals from space: Five theories on what they are

Mysterious cosmic signals have been picked up. What are they and where do they come from?

Anak Krakatau: Finnish radar satellite eyes tsunami volcano

The innovative ICEYE radar spacecraft views the changing shape of the collapsed volcano.

Swimming with huge female pregnant great white sharks

Footage emerges of divers getting up close and personal with massive great white shark.

How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?

Follow Najuma the black rhino as she is transported from Germany to a new home in Yorkshire.

Giant ice disc appears in Presumpscot River, Westbrook

The approximately 91m (298ft) wide frozen slab formed naturally and has been slowly spinning.

World's loneliest frog finds a possible mate

The world's loneliest frog, known as Romeo, finds friends (and a possible date) after water frogs found in the wild.

The women fighting fast fashion waste

Claire and Emily run a hub that empowers people to turn their old clothes into new ones.

Giant hi-tech tomato glasshouse set to produce millions of the fruit

The facility is set to produce 150 million tomatoes a year, helped by red LED lights and bees.

Climate change: 'Right to repair' gathers force

EU and US states are to introduce laws helping people to mend appliances that break down.

Incredible 'sea monster' skull revealed in 3D

Face-to-face with the marine reptile that swam the ancient seas 200 million years ago.

Mysterious radio signals from deep space detected

A telescope picks up bursts of radio waves from a distant galaxy, shedding light on an astrophysical puzzle.

Recycling: Where is the plastic waste mountain?

A year ago China imposed a ban on waste imports, so what's happened to the UK's plastic?

Cairns catastrophe

Two months ago, a record-breaking heatwave devastated Australia's population of spectacled flying foxes.

Swimming with sharks

The shark, believed to be one known as Deep Blue, weighs 2.5 tonnes and is nearly 20ft long.

Moon motivation

What China's Chang'e-4 mission could tell us about the far side of the Moon.

China in space

China has successfully landed on the far side of the moon, but that is not the limit of its ambitions.

Wooden clothes?

A university in Finland has invented a process to turn waste wood into material for clothing.

Cool laser

One of the most powerful Earth observation tools ever put in orbit is now gathering data about the planet.

Ancient roots

Aryans are not the earliest or only source of Indian civilisation, suggests new research on genetic ancestry.

Tsunami clues

Scientists are getting closer to understanding the damaging tsunami that struck Sulawesi in September.

The rough with the smooth

The UK claims to be a leader in climate change - but is it?

Source: BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science and Environment

Swimming with huge female pregnant great white sharks

Footage emerges of divers getting up close and personal with massive great white shark.

How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?

Follow Najuma the black rhino as she is transported from Germany to a new home in Yorkshire.

Giant ice disc appears in Presumpscot River, Westbrook

The approximately 91m (298ft) wide frozen slab formed naturally and has been slowly spinning.

World's loneliest frog finds a possible mate

The world's loneliest frog, known as Romeo, finds friends (and a possible date) after water frogs found in the wild.

The women fighting fast fashion waste

Claire and Emily run a hub that empowers people to turn their old clothes into new ones.

Giant hi-tech tomato glasshouse set to produce millions of the fruit

The facility is set to produce 150 million tomatoes a year, helped by red LED lights and bees.

How dynamite became a million dollar idea

The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how dynamite became a million dollar idea.

The 210ft fatberg lurking in Sidmouth sewer

Take a look at the 210ft (64m) mass of congealed fat and rubbish clogging up Sidmouth's sewers.

Essex little owls win wildlife photographer's affection

"I love their facial expressions," says wildlife cameraman Russell Savory.

Winter birds thrill Norfolk wildlife photographers

"We haven't seen many this winter so it's no wonder these have caught people's attention."

Walking and howling with wolves

The Travel Show's Christa Larwood takes two wolves for a stroll and learns how to howl with them.

Capt Lou Rudd is first Briton to cross Antarctic unaided

A British Army officer has become the second person ever to trek unaided across Antarctica.

Police diver adopts dog rescued from icy lake

A puppy was saved from a frozen lake by a police diver in Turkey.

World's rarest bird gets new home in Madagascar

Conservationists hope to save a species of duck called the Madagascar pochard from extinction.

SpaceX launches military satellite after four attempts

The Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral on Sunday after four previous launches were cancelled.

Rare albino orangutan 'Alba' returns to the wild

Alba, the world's only known albino orangutan, has been through many months of rehabilitation.

Christmas plastic workshop to help reduce festive waste

Workshops have been held in Whitley Bay to help reduce the use of plastic over Christmas.

Hamish the polar bear turns one

Hamish the polar bear celebrates his first birthday in his Highland home.

'I'm not having children to help fight climate change'

Environmentalist Jason MacGregor and his partner aren't having children because they don't want to add to human-made climate change pressures.

Extinction Rebellion: The story behind the activist group

They've blocked bridges, protested outside the BBC, held die-ins and closed roads - all in the name of stopping climate change.

Botanical artist brings rare plants back to life

Artist Lucy Smith draws plants so that they can be recorded for science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Weather stops plastic waste car reaching South Pole

A car made from waste plastic has been forced to abort its mission to the South Pole because of bad weather.

Seal pups across the UK are 'at risk from toxic chemicals'

Seal pups across the UK are "at risk" from man-made toxic chemicals present in their mothers' milk.

Drive with Nasa's next rover on Mars

Scientists have already planned the route Nasa's next robot will drive when it lands on Mars in 2021.

Antarctic climate change: Scientists visit the world's most remote island

Studying ice cores on a small island in the South Atlantic will help us understand why Antarctica's glaciers are melting.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo: The view from the edge of space

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket ship has made a successful test flight, 82.7km above the Earth's surface.

Dive over Jupiter's cloud-tops with Nasa's Juno craft

Nasa's Juno mission to Jupiter has reached its halfway mark and revealed spectacular views of the planet's polar storms.

Astronaut Nick Hague ready for second space flight attempt

Astronaut Nick Hague is ready for his next space flight attempt, after the first mission was aborted.

Samples cut around Soyuz hole in spacewalk

Cosmonauts have cut samples from around a hole, which Moscow says may have been caused by a drill.

Poland climate summit protest limits anger young activists

Protesters are frustrated by strict controls on protests at the UN climate summit in Poland.

How Apollo 8 Astronauts took the famous 'Earthrise' photograph

Frank Borman was the Commander of the Apollo 8 mission to the Moon. The astronauts took an iconic photo of the Earth rising above the lunar surface.

Oil thieves cause spill in Rio de Janeiro's Guanabara Bay

Thieves caused at least 60,000 litres of oil to spill into Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay.

Melting ice art installation opens at London's Tate Modern

An art installation featuring 30 blocks of ice brought from Greenland has been unveiled in London.

Where did the Sun come from?

Earth would be a frozen lump of rock without the energy created from our nearest star.

Climate change: Why are governments taking so long to take action?

Leading climate scientists say progress is way off track, so what needs to happen to speed things up?

Mission to put millions of hidden fossils online

Museums including Washington’s Smithsonian have set out to digitally record specimens in their collection.

Falcon 9 rocket guides itself to sea

The rocket had a hydraulic problem on its way back to Earth.

A journey underground into one of Poland's working mines

As Poland hosts COP24 in nearby Katowice, David Shukman journeys into the depths of a working mine.

Sacked man claims discrimination against his 'ethical veganism'

Jordi Casamitjana wants to have ethical veganism recognised as a philosophical belief, in a landmark legal action.

The country where being a climate activist is a lonely job

Almost 80% of Poland's electricity is generated by coal. Patryk Bialas says it's time that changed.

Climate change: How slag can remove CO2 from the air

Scientists in Wales are looking at how slag heaps can be used to remove CO2 from the air in the fight against climate change.

Woman takes in grey squirrel found injured in Somerset

The squirrel, named Horatio, was acting "really confused" when found by the side of the road.

'Miss Environment': The 11-year-old girl 'saving Lagos'

Misimi Isimi is an 11-year-old environmentalist on a mission to clean up Lagos.

The Romanian forest that's disappearing

Why one of Europe's last great beech forests is facing the chop.

Climate change: 'It is a global issue we are all failing'

UN chief Antonio Guterres warns the rise of nationalism is hurting efforts to tackle global warming.

The two Swedish mums who want people to give up flying for a year

Two climate-conscious Swedish mums have launched a campaign urging people not to fly in 2019.

From burping cows and food miles to greenhouse gasses

Why gases produced by livestock, along with the carbon footprint of many of the foods we eat, are a major factor in global warming.

Seal colony in Norfolk expects more than 2,700 pups

England's largest grey seal colony, in Norfolk, could see record numbers this pupping season.

Mars InSight: The moment of touchdown

The touchdown confirmation came through shortly after 19:50 GMT.

Nasa Mission: InSight successfully lands on Mars

The probe has already taken its first picture from the surface of the red planet.

Mars InSight: Inside Nasa's mission control

As Nasa prepares to land on Mars, Victoria Gill has been to the centre of operations and found out about an unusual tradition.

Nasa Mars InSight lander mission to teach us more about Earth

Nasa's Mars InSight lander is due to arrive on the Red Planet's surface on Monday night. It will study the planet's interior so we can learn more about how it formed.

'Virtual safari': Wildlife photos from around the world

A new exhibition highlights the work of the 2018 Nature’s Best Photography award winners.

Astronaut on ISS captures spacecraft launch footage

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst captures the launch of the Russian Progress MS-10 cargo spacecraft.

Huge sandstorm hits Chinese city of Zhangye

Strong winds and a towering ‘sand wall’ of almost 100 metres hit the city of Zhangye.

'Sci-fi' plane with no moving parts flies successfully

MIT scientists create the first plane to fly without moving parts.

Meet the woman combing abandoned office buildings for unwanted treasures.

Self-styled 'Resource Goddess' Cat Fletcher is paid to comb abandoned office buildings for items that can be re-used rather than discarded.

The tech that could make water use sustainable

Scientists in Finland and the UK have built a computer model that visualises groundwater levels in real time.

David Attenborough: Climate 'biggest threat in thousands of years'

The television presenter is to urge greater action in a major speech at UN climate talks next month.

Attenborough agreed with decision to save penguins' lives

The Dynasties crew took a rare decision to intervene when a group of stranded emperor penguins faced death.

Oldest cave painting of an animal discovered in Borneo

Scientists spent several days trekking through rural Borneo to find the 40,000-year-old artwork.

Morbid exhibits of UCL's Pathology Museum

Christa Larwood visits the UCL Pathology Museum usually reserved for the eyes of medical students.

How to save trees from extinction

The world is losing plants at an unprecedented rate with around one in five thought to be at risk of extinction. The race is on to store back-up copies in seed banks.

The explosive science behind fireworks

Fireworks: how do they work and the science that behind them

Brecon project gives water vole a fighting chance

A Powys captive breeding project aims to give water voles a fighting chance of a revival.

Global hunger for soybeans 'destroying Brazil's Cerrado savanna'

Brazil's highly biodiverse Cerrado is being destroyed for soybean production, conservationists say.

Potholes: Why do we have so many of them?

The chancellor says councils in England will get an extra £420m in his Budget to fix potholes.

HS2 construction: Moving the remains of 40,000 people

Work begins to exhume thousands of skeletons to make way for HS2 construction.

Illegally smuggled chimp safely rehomed in Dorset

Naree was illegally smuggled to Thailand and forced to perform in a circus.

'Headless chicken sea monster' filmed swimming off East Antarctica

A deep-sea swimming sea cucumber has been filmed in the Southern Ocean off East Antarctica for the first time.

Poralia rufescens jellyfish spotted off coast of California

The Poralia rufescens is swimming off the coast of southern California in the Pacific Ocean.

Why is this African village letting mosquitoes in?

The genetically modified insects are part of a project which aims to tackle malaria in Africa.

BepiColombo: Mercury space mission to help us understand Earth

BepiColombo mission could shed light on space weather and history of our planet

New Forest brothers show off UK's biggest ever pumpkin

Twin brothers have been showing off the biggest pumpkin ever to have been grown indoors in the UK.

Can a cooker help save the rainforest?

The solar-powered cooker that uses an alternative to charcoal.

Koalas from Australia arrive at Longleat

Five southern koalas have been flown from Australia to the UK to create a back-up population.

Herefordshire firm launches biodegradable crisp packet

The manufacturer says the bags once disposed have a six-month lifespan.

The children living on the frontline of climate change

The frightening impact of global warming is seen in drawings by schoolchildren in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

Chicken nuggets grown in a lab

Can chicken nuggets grown in a lab actually taste like... well... chicken? The BBC's James Cook put JUST's chicken to the test.

Supersonic Bloodhound hits cash roadblock

The project to race a car at more than 1,000mph runs into a financial roadblock, with the company behind the venture going into administration.

Puffin patrol: The children saving Iceland's pufflings

Puffin populations are struggling, but some young volunteers are coming to their rescue.

Soyuz crew back to Earth after malfunction

A capsule carrying two crew members on a Russian Soyuz rocket that malfunctioned has landed safely.

BBC helps bust Nepal chimp smuggling

A BBC investigation exposing the scale of chimpanzee trafficking last year has helped police in Nepal uncover a smuggling operation.

Whale calf rescued from shark net near Australian coast

It look two hours to free the new-born humpback whale, off Australia's Gold Coast.

Climate change: What would you be prepared to do?

Here are five things we can do to help prevent global temperatures rising more than 1.5C.

Source: BBC News - Science and Environment

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