Bespoke content management system development

Without any specialist technical knowledge or additional software you can be creating new web pages, modifying website content and structure, uploading files and images in no time.

Our unique Content Management System (CMS) has been built around the idea that every website should be a SEO friendly website. This helps to avoid the common pitfall of spending your budget on a nice looking website, followed by a visit to an SEO company who then recommend you make potentially costly changes.

We will customise our content management system to suit your needs and deliver a bespoke software solution which will stand the test of time.

We do not use off the shelf content management systems such as which Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. Why reinvent the wheel you may ask? Well, you may want low profile tyres or even caterpillar tracks. Often off the shelf content management systems can be unecessarily bloated and difficult to customise beyond what the software developers intended. We do not disregard these platforms as we believe supporting blogs and satellite sites can be very effective tools to help promote your primary portal.

If you would prefer not to maintain the website yourself we would be happy to provide content management services freeing up your time to run your business.

Content management system features

  • Add, modify and publish unlimited number of pages
  • Add, modify and publish website menus
  • Animation tools
  • Full control over Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features such as meta descriptions, keywords and search engine friendly links/URLs
  • Prebuilt forms easy to use components (contact us / recruitment / ask a question)
  • Friendly url creation
  • File management system
  • Image management system including image resizing
  • Automatic sitemap
  • Automatic search engine xml sitemap
  • All content is stored in database separate from style and layout
  • Text is stored as Unicode, providing support for non-Roman languages
  • Multiple levels of backend administrators
  • Full logging of all admin and registered user actions
  • Integrated onsite search engine optimisation tools
  • Search reporting to see what users are searching for on your website

Nothing is set in stone

Remember our content managemant system is bespoke and we can customise any part of it for you.

Control panel

The control panel is the heart of your cms where you have quick access to all features and reporting. This image shows a selection components available, other modules are available such as ecommerce, intranets, extranets and of course bespoke modules built to specific client requirements.

CMS detail (editing description)

Detail of functionality within the content management system. This demonstrates how to edit the page description (which is used by the main search engines as a preview when search result are returned)

cms detail

CMS detail (editing meta keywords)

Detail of how to assign meta keywords to a page within the content management system.

cms editing meta keywords

CMS image library

The image librabry provides permission control and also includes a scaling feature which will resize your images to fit on your website.

cms image library

CMS integrated onpage optimisation

Detail of seo alerts displayed on pages while browsing in administrator mode.

Site wide seo report for all pages

The opimisation console is a centralised location for seo reporting which has quick links to all potential errors on the website, so they can be resolved quickly.

swm create powerful bespoke content management systems built on a SEO friendly website infrastructure
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