Customer portals (Extranets)

Our extranets and customer portals can provide you with an easy way to share private information with your clients.

You can create as many 'white label' customer portals as you wish. Each client network can be easliy customised with your client's logo and colours.

How you use your extranet or customer portal is dependant on the nature of your business. A customer portal can help make your customers feel special, you use it to alert them of new offers, discounts and promotions; upload images and design mocks-ups; share private documentation; upload files, such as pdfs, word documents, PowerPoint files, Excell file and many more.

Each network includes the following features

  • multiple pages
  • private downloads
  • customisable menus
  • multiple clients logins
  • visitor tracking

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Client networks (Extranets) white label brandable client collaboration areas