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PHP function to return a file's suffix

function return_suffix($filename){
    return substr($filename,strrpos($filename,".")+1);

PHP function to strip a file's suffix and return the filename without it's suffix (assuming the suffix is 3 characters long)

function strip_suffix($filename){
    return substr($filename,0,-4);

PHP function to convert a number of months into years and months

function format_months_to_years_and_months($months){
    if ($y>1){$t.="$y years ";}else if ($y>0){$t.="$y year ";}
    if ($m>1){$t.="$m months ";}else if ($m>0){$t.="$m month ";}
    return $t;

PHP function to remove numbers from a string

function remove_numbers($string) {
     return $string;

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