Animation used sparingly can enhance your website drawing emphasis to key content such as 'call to action' buttons.

We deliver complex interactive animation software using a selection of programming languages and development tools including:

  • JavaScript animation
  • JQuery animation
  • Adobe Flash ActionScript animation
  • Adobe Director animation

We also animate using more traditional techniques and using more basic technologies such as animated gifs. We animate using the technology that is most suited to the application.

Flash animation vs Javascript animation

Recently Apple have announced that they are not going to support Flash on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Read what Steve Jobs at Apple has to say on the subject.

We have responded to this by developing our own object oriented javaScript animation library which we have embedded into our content management system.

Many website development companies still rely on Flash to create complex animations, albeit at the risk of excluding iPhones, iPods and iPads users. Our new animation system is based on CSS and JavaScript open standards which are more widely accepted and do not require plug-ins. Further more we have built the system to work on HTML4 rather than limit our market with HTML5.

Flash animation and JavaScript animation for your website
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